Koko Freshly Pressed Coconut Milk + Calcium 1ltr

Koko Freshly Pressed Coconut Milk + Calcium 1ltr

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Delicious dairy free alternative to milk with coconut milk, calcium and vitamins.

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More about Koko Freshly Pressed Coconut Milk + Calcium

This KoKo dairy free coconut milk is made from freshly pressed coconut milk. The coconuts used have a great source of nutrition. They are actually a fruit, not a nut, with a unique combination of nutrients that have made them a staple part of the diet of millions of people living in the tropics. Coconuts are a rich source of medium chain fatty acids that are more easily digested than fats found in other oils. MCFA's are made up of lauric acid.
Rich in M.C.F.A.s, consumption of 'good fats' is an important part of a balanced diet, contributing towards healty cell function. The fat in coconut contains 60% medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are not readily stored in the body but are digested and used as energy by the body.


Filtered water, coconut milk 8.4%, grape juice concentrate, calcium phosphate, emulsifier: sucrose ester, sea salt, colour: natural carotene, vitamin D2 and B12

Nutritional Information

Typical vaules per5 100ml:
Energy 27kcal, protein 0.2g, carbohydrate 1.9g(of which sugars 1.6g), fat 2g(of which saturates 1.9g) fibre 0.1g, sodium 0.04g, calcium 120mg, V-D2 0.75ug, V-B12 0.38.ug

Other Information

Cholesterol free.

Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free

Customer reviews - Koko Freshly Pressed Coconut Milk + Calcium 1ltr


Great alternative to dairy - Thu 21st Jan 2016

This is my favourite non-dairy 'milk', it's so versatile and is long-life so I can keep a stash in the cupboard for emergencies. It's tasty on cereal, in tea and also when used in cooking unlike some other milks which can go a little odd when heated.

Love the taste - Thu 10th Dec 2015

I am allergic to dairy and I am trying to reduce the amount of soya milk I use. Koko Coconut Milk is a great substitute and I love the taste. I have it with my cereal, porridge and tea.

- Mon 29th Jun 2015

I buy this all of the time, it is delicious! I recommend it to everyone haha

Good - Fri 15th May 2015

Nice & refreshing alternative to soy or dairy milk.

Ok - Thu 26th Dec 2013

Nice for cold things like cereal but in general needs to be thicker and have more coconut - ok for sweetness.

- Tue 29th Oct 2013

I use this as alternative to milk in cake recipes, but it has a very high water content compared to actual coconut milk.

Superfood - Sat 5th Oct 2013

Rich and creamy Koko Freshly Pressed Coconut Milk Calcium 1ltr is a superfood full of nutritious goodness and can be used as it is in teas, cereals or cooked in to sweet or savoury dishes eg curries, pasta, soups, daal/lentils, shakes/smoothies, ice-creams, cakes/deserts and also, used to make sauces/marinades - totally versatile and full of vitamins.

- Fri 27th Sep 2013

The Name may have changed from Kara to Koko but the product is exactly the same. Brilliant alternative to dairy milk, my children love it

Wonderful - Sat 6th Apr 2013

I really like the taste of this coconut milk, and it doesn't have a lot of dodgy ingredients in. I recommend it for cooking, pouring on cereals and as a standalone drink - just not in hot drinks as it isn't quite thick enough (if you want a non dairy milk for your tea / coffee/ hot choc I suggest almond milk). This one is lovely otherwise though and I definitely recommend it!

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