Just Wholefoods Vegeren 30ml

Just Wholefoods Vegeren 30ml

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Suitable for Cheese and Junket making

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More about Just Wholefoods Vegeren

"Just Wholefoods VegeRen is a milk clotting enzyme cultured from a selected mucor miehei strain, which is well known in the cheese industry the world over. Since its appearance on the market in 1993, VegeRen has been found to replace bovine rennet in both cheese and junket making. VegeRen is well reported to be suitable to make both cottage and hard cheeses. It can also be used very successfully to make haloumi type cheeses which are traditionally made using sheep or goats milk; and paneer which is very much enjoyed in Asian cooking."


Once opened store in the refrigerator.

For cheese making add 10 drops of Vegeren to 1 pint of warm milk (32° C/90°F) and proceed as per your recipe


Mucor miechei – fully food approved milk clotting enzyme.

This product has not been genetically modified.


Junket Recipe:
Warm 1 pint of milk to 32° C/90°F, add one tablespoon of sugar, a few drops of vanilla essence and 10 drops of Vegeren, stir well. Pour into a bowl, allow to cool and set. Serve with fresh fruit.

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