Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice 750ml

Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice 750ml

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Organic pressed beetroot juice

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More about Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice 750ml

The original Beet it beetroot juice - 90% pure crushed organic beetroot juice and 10% pressed organic apple juice. This juice is earthy and rich with sweet notes from the apple.

Beetroot juice has long been hailed as a vegetable worthy of the title of ‘superfood’. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this vegetable juice is a valuable food supplement. High in dietary nitrates, beetroot juice is increasingly favoured by many for a variety of health and fitness benefits.

Beet it beetroot juice an excellent source of dietary nitrate. Recent studies at William Harvey Research Institute into the role of dietary nitrates in reducing blood pressure have shown positive results, while investigations at Exeter university into use of beetroot juice to boost athletes stamina has received promising results and much press attention especially in light of the London 2012 Olympics.

Since ancient times beetroot juice has been associated with human blood due to its dark crimson pigment, potent enough to colour a litre of water with just a few drops.

Medieval herbalists wrote about the beneficial properties of beetroot juice.

Modern research has since explored much of this ancient science and folk medicine through chemistry and nutritional analysis.
Beetroot juice contains an abundance of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, iodine, iron & copper, as well as traces of the rare metals rubidium and caesium. Along with carbohydrates, some protein and fat, one finds Vitamins B1, B12, and C in beetroot juice.

Research has recently (Feb 2008) been carried out to investigate the effects of Beetroot Juice on reducing high blood pressure.

To see the NHS comments on the study see


This juice is best served chilled. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 4 days.


The juice (not from concentrate) of organically grown: beetroot (90%), apple (10%)

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 430kJ/103kcal, Fat <0.1g of which saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrates 23g of which sugars 22.5g*, Protein 2.3g, Salt 0.1g

*Naturally occuring

Other Information

Manufacturer's Address

White's Fruit Farm,


Suffolk, IP6 9JS

01473 890111

Manufacturers Web Site

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice 750ml


- Mon 25th May 2015

Packed with nitrates which widen your blood vessels, sending oxygen to your muscles, increasing time before exercise-induced exhastion sets in! 500ml boasts 500mg. This is good stuff.

- Mon 18th May 2015

Lovely taste good to add to the nutri bullet with raw greens. Going to try making ice lollies with it!

Earthy taste of health - Fri 15th May 2015

The juice has an unbelievable deep ruby red colour and an earthy, metallic and sweet taste - which you'll love if, like me, you love beetroots. I certainly felt healthier for drinking it. What surprised me was my baby liked the taste too, diluted in water! The reason it gets 4 stars and not 5 is that I have not tried other beetroot juice to compare it to.

Miraculous! - Fri 20th Feb 2015

I happened to stumble upon this product by accident and I have to say that I was tremendously impressed with its effectiveness! From having consumed one carton (750ml) gradually throughout my first day of using it, within an hour of finishing the carton, I instantly felt more alert and mentally stimulated. Having done some research into the benefits of this vegetable, it's hardly surprising to know why. Having said that, for someone that suffers with chronic fatigue, I can't say enough about how remarkable I found the effects of consuming this product had on me! I will definitely be buying more - without question! I just hope that they do not inflate the price to keep in-line with an excessive demand - as it wouldn't surprise me that more people will be buying more of this product once they too feel its effects! Congratulations to James White & team!

Very cleansing - Tue 8th Apr 2014

Very cleansing and healthful - I was mightily pleased with this, it's very easy on the stomach, helps to digest meals and clears my brain fog that I get from doing the same thing over and over!

Full of Vitamins and Taste - Fri 20th Sep 2013

Full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and goodness, Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice is great for having as supplement and for adding to many dishes eg. salads, curries, soups, broth/stew, rice and adding it to sauces, toppings/fillings and condiments - just great!

Review for Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice 750ml - Wed 24th Apr 2013

Amazing! It's a really intense beetroot flavour, which I love, but if you are a bit ambivalent about the taste of beetroot, then you can mix it with other juices (apple or carrot are both excellent), and it makes it less intese. Absolutely delicious.

Detox Juice - Sun 20th Jan 2013

Beetroot juice is super cleansing especially for the liver, kidneys and gall bladder. Drink daily during a detox. Ready made version like this is great if you don't have a juicer. Well priced too. Numerous other health benefits and delicous too. I enjoy it warm during winter - detoxing or not detoxing.

Nutrition - Wed 2nd Jan 2013

High in carotenoids and folic acid. Anti-carcinogenic. Chemicals responsible for red colour can increase oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Traditionally used to treat leukaemia. Good for building resistance after illness. Lovely and sweet too. Add a little apple juice if you find the taste difficult to get used too. Try a smoothie with apple juice and frozen blackberries or blackcurrants!

- Fri 7th Dec 2012

I am sure it is not to everyone's taste but generally I enjoy beetroot juice, I do however, find this one a little sweet - I guess it is down to the added apple juice.

- Thu 5th Jan 2012

Yummy beetroot juice, again never going to match the real-deal freshly juiced at home, but a great stand-by for when you don't have the time, and sooooo good for you too :)

James White Organic Beetroot Juice - Thu 9th Jun 2011

Spot on as usual. I've ordered many bottles of this product from Goodness Direct before, mainly for the health benefits! I've actually grown to like it as a drink - particularly if chilled. My order was delivered on the day that I requested and processed with the efficiency that I've always received from the company

James White Organic Beetroot Juice - Sat 30th Apr 2011

I have tried a number of organic beetroot juices and have found James White Organic Beetroot juice is the best by far, consistent taste, refreshing, delicious and value for money, it does help that beetroot is one of my favourite veggies.

James White Organic Beetroot Juice - Fri 11th Mar 2011

Prompt delivery of beetroot juice that I order regularly from Goodness Direct.

James white Beetroot Juice - Mon 24th Jan 2011

Excellent delivery time. This Beetroot Juice has reduced my wifes high blood pressure to normal and I have lots more energy as well.

James White Organic Beetroot Juice - Tue 11th Jan 2011

Delighted with my purchase which was delivered very promptly.

James White Organic Beetroot Juice - Fri 26th Nov 2010

This was good value for money, perhaps slightly marred by the fact that the carrier broke one of the bottles in transit but didn't say anything to me about the missing bottle from my order. Goodness Direct did credit me subsequently for the missing bottle but it would have been nice if the carrier had included a note with the delivery to say that he had broken a bottle in transit. As it was, it took me to follow up the missing bottle with Goodness Direct who then traced the problem back to the carrier and rectified the situation. No complaints at all about Goodness Direct themselves who provide a conscientious service with prompt delivery

cheers! - Mon 8th Nov 2010

More and more articles are appearing about the benefits of beetroot juice. Full of vitamins and minerals, naturally lowers blood pressure, a great liver cleanser and many more health benefits. Juicing fresh beetroot juice can be very messy and inconvenient, so this is worth a try. It is surprisingly yummy and sweet. I double checked the label to see if there were any nasties in there like sweetners, but no, it's 90% beetroot and 10% apple - and NOT from concentrate.

Pure taste - Tue 12th Oct 2010

Ok this might sound slightly redundant, but you really have to like beetroot if you want to enjoy this beverage.
If you have mixed feelings about this beautifully coloured root vegetable, I would advise you to mix this lovely fresh beetroot juice with more freshly pressed apple juice, or maybe carrot juice, and see how you get on with that, till you acquire the pure taste of the juiced beetroot.
The subtle taste of apple juice is very good in this drink, but I think it is really for beetroot lovers! And, what a colour!

- Thu 26th Aug 2010

I've got to say - this is the best out there.

It's an aquired taste and the first glass was hard work. But by the time I had finished the bottle I had got used to it.

Now I love it - I love the taste of it. It has really grown on me. Recommended.

- Wed 2nd Jun 2010

I found this delicious and drink it everyday. I do like beetroot though.

drinks - Tue 4th May 2010

I tried this beetroot juice and can't say I really enjoyed it. It may be good for you but not sure I'd have it again.


Good in a mix - Mon 5th Jul 2010

I know beetroot juice is good for my heart health but have found it difficult to drink as it is. I have found the best way to take my James White Beetroot Juice is to mix it with Apple Juice in a 50/50 mix. I mix it in the mornings and keep a jug chilled in the fridge. The added sweetness of the apple juice and the crisp cold temperature means that I actually enjoy my daily fix of healthy beetroot juice now, it is no longer like having to take medicine and I'm sure that as long as I take the right amount throughout the day this dilution will not matter? This James White Organic Beetroot is my preferred brand of beetroot juice and is comparably reasonable priced too.

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