Clearspring Organic Umeboshi Plums  200g

Clearspring Organic Umeboshi Plums 200g

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Umeboshi plums are salt pickled ume plums with shiso herb

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More about Clearspring Organic Umeboshi Plums

Clearspring Organic Umeboshi is a delicously zesty and versatile seasoning. It is entirely handmade using the traditional method. Premium organic ume (Japanese plums) are gathered in mountain orchards, pickled in sea salt, sun dried and aged for up to year. Shiso is added to impart its deep red colour.

Serving Suggestion

Use Umboshi plums to add lively tang to cooked vegetables, salad dressings, quick pickles, sushi, dips, spreads and sauces, add to brown rice or morning porridge. The chiso leaves can be chopped and used as additional seasoning. Umboshi plums have even been recommended as a hang over cure...and have been known to help with sugar-blues, food poisoning, constipation and the common cold.


For a hang-over, nausea, vomiting, vertigo etc., soak an Umeboshi plum for 5 minutes in hot water or in Kukicha/Bancha tea. Then, drink the liquid and eat the plum together. For more general use Umeboshi Plums are also excellent mixed in with brown rice as a morning porridge or eaten as part of your main meal of the day. In general you would look to eat 2 or 3 plums a week.


Japanese ume plums* ( 80%), shiso perilla leaves* (1%) and Sea salt ,

(* organically grown )

Nutritional Information

For 100g:

energy 121kj/29kcal,fat 0.1g of which saturates 0.1g, carbohydrate 14g of which sugars9.8g, protein 1.1g, salt 19.1g


Be sure to remove pits before using the plums. The plums are very salty if eaten on their own.

Other Information

Salty/sour Umeboshi plums are one of the most alkali of foods and can be eaten straight from the jar if you are brave. More frequently they are combined with other foods (brown rice or porridge) to help balance our acidic systems. Our bodies can get too acidic for all kinds of reasons; too much sugary refined foods, or alchohol or toxins. Umeboshi plums can help to redress the balance.

This product as a naturally long shelf life so it does not require pasteurisation.

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Organic, Vegan

Customer reviews - Clearspring Organic Umeboshi Plums 200g


Organic umeboshi plums - Wed 30th Dec 2015

I know it is expensive but they last a long time becaus you only need a little.
Sometimes I use a little just to flavour quick pickles, eg. Cucumber and red radish. Also the seed can be cracked and the little seed inside is edible and medicinal.

Umeboshi Rice Balls - Sat 30th Jun 2012

Cut a nori sheet in four squares, and place a piece of umeboshi plum in the centre of each square. Prepare a bowl of warm water with salt where you will dip your hands before shaping the rice balls, preventing the rice to stick to your hands.

To shape the rice ball, just take a handful of rice, hot or cold, and shape it in the shape of your choice. A round compact ball is good to start learning. When it is well shaped and you are sure it won't fall apart place it on the square of nori and wrap it with the seaweed, you can moisten it a bit to help as moist nori will stick to the rice and cling to it.

That's it! Serve with fresh green shoots or peas or alfalfa... and toasted sunflower or sesame seeds. Incredibly filling and balancing, with a miso broth and a cup of green or kukicha tea it is just perfect.

- Sat 30th Jun 2012

An acquired taste but once you get used to it it is irreplaceable. Can be used in so many ways it would take hours to list them. Very good for you! But very salty -use sparingly

New to me - Fri 7th Jan 2011

I only just discovered these and had read that they are supposed to be very good for you. They can be used in a tea which is helpful if you are feeling a bit yukky or have 'hangover' symptoms. You can also suck on the stone. I gotta tell you, the taste takes a bit of getting used to, but I suppose if you are feeling crappy, you will give anything a go to feel better.

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