Clearspring Organic Barley Miso (unpasteurised) 300g

Clearspring Organic Barley Miso (unpasteurised) 300g

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Unpasteurised, fermented, barley and soya bean Miso

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More about Clearspring Organic Barley Miso (unpasteurised)

Miso is a delicious and versatile fermented soya food that has long been prized in Japan as an important staple in a well balanced diet. It is a great base for soups and sauces.

Cooking Instructions

Perfect for seasoning soups, stews, beans, sauces and spreads. Dissolve the miso in a little cooking liquid before adding.


Cultured barley* (38%), whole soya beans* (35%), sea salt, water. 
*Organically grown

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 494/118kcal, Protein 11.4g, Carbohydrate 9.6g of which sguars 9.5g, Fat 3.8g of which saturates 0.65 of which monounsaturates 0.8g of which polyunsaturates 2.39g, Fibre 8.5g, Salt 14g

Other Information

Manufacturers Address:

Clearspring Ltd.
19A Acton Park Estate, London W3 7QE, UK

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Dairy Free, Egg Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clearspring Organic Barley Miso (unpasteurised) 300g


- Sat 4th Jun 2016

Although I used all of this, it wasn't my favourite miso, but is is still a good product.

- Wed 9th Mar 2016

I like the idea of miso coming in a squirtable packet as the paste has longer to expire once opened due to the small exit point, but in practice it's difficult to use because miso is a firm substance and squirting it is incredible tough. You really have to fist-squash the packet to get some out as starting from the end wont do. You could of course empty the packet into a wider jar but the process would expose most of the paste to oxygen from the beginning.

Organic barley miso - Wed 30th Dec 2015

It is light, sweet and great flavour. I tend to over flavour in my soups, it brings out the taste and sweetness of the vegetables in my soup. I also add rice syrup to make a savoury snack on rice cake or toast. To cut down on cost, can you sell them in a larger pack?

- Wed 2nd Jul 2014

A staple for its inimitable deep and rich flavour

Strong and tasty - Wed 25th Jun 2014

This makes a good amount of miso, I find it very enriching and satisfying and try to make it traditionally with bits of tofu in - makes a great meal in itself or a side dish.

Deep and tasty - Mon 10th Feb 2014

A rich/deep taste that is really even better than regular miso - it's a nice soup but also as an additional ingredient to dishes that need 'jazzing up'. I use it the way I use tamarind paste.

- Thu 30th Jan 2014

This is probably my favourite Miso, made from barley, it has a lovely rich flavour and is very nutritious. Add at the end of cooking so as not to destroy the nutrients, never allow the food to cook after adding.

Clearspring Organic Barley Miso - Sun 12th May 2013

Rich and intense, this is a great alternative to salt and soy sauce in seasoning a dish. I use this often, in soups, stews, dips, spreads, marinades... It's so versatile.

Barley MIso - Thu 16th Aug 2012

My favourite miso so far. Nice strong flavour and a good balance of salty/sweet. I prefer to buy unpasteurised.

Excellent in Japanese cooking - Thu 2nd Feb 2012

Used it to make a very tasty chicken-miso soup. Recommended


Use instead of salt. - Sun 5th May 2013

This is my favorite condiment in the cupboard. I add it to almost all dishes instead of salt. Make sure you always add it in at the last minute as it keeps all its goodness then, rather than cooking it in the dish for ages. You can also use it to flavor soups, stir frays and rice. Make sure you try the rice miso as well.

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