Faith In Nature Body Deodorant Natural Crystal 100g

Faith In Nature Body Deodorant Natural Crystal 100g

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Unscented 24 hour protection for men and women.

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The pure natural crystal in this push-up stick eliminates odour-causing bacteria, allowing perspiration without body odour.
Part of our exciting range of vegan toiletries.


Use after shower or bath. Apply under arms to wet skin (or dampen crystal first). Rinse stick after use.


Ammonium alum (natural mineral salts).

Other Information

No aluminium chlorohydrate
Does not block pores
Paraben free
No toxic ingredients

Not Tested on Animals, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Faith In Nature Body Deodorant Natural Crystal 100g


- Fri 13th Oct 2017

these are great, they really work, they last for absolutely ages . My last one lasted 2 years!

Effective and long lasting - Thu 21st Jan 2016

I was surprised by how well this stick works as a deodorant. I've had mine for at least a year now and it looks like it'll easily last for the same amount of time again! Even though you apply it onto wet skin, I find it dries faster than other roll-ons and it works better as a deodorant than standard ones I've used in the past. It also doesn't stain clothes which is a definite plus! The only, very minor, disadvantage I've found is that you have to leave it to dry before replacing the lid and putting away, otherwise it goes slightly odd and starts crystallising salt around the bottom.

Long lasting - Mon 13th Jul 2015

This deo crystal is effective, perfect for those sensitive to fragrances. It also lasts for ages (following usage instructions), so it is a very good value purchase.

Perfect for sensitive skin! - Sat 27th Dec 2014

Effective and perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

- Thu 16th Oct 2014

Great antiperspirant. I've been using it for a week now and it's doing a great job. I'm never sure if it's going on though. I run it under the tap and rub it on and it just feels like there's water under my arms. No residue, which is what I'm used to. Clearly it works though and just takes a bit of getting used to!

deodorant crystal - Mon 25th Aug 2014

So much better for you than deodorant

- Thu 14th Aug 2014

Effective deodorant without nasty chemicals so I prefer this for myself and teenage daughters worth the money

Faith In Nature Body Deodorant - Sun 15th Jun 2014

This product is amazing! Like others have stated, I find it easiest to use by first placing the stick under running water and then applying. I have a busy life and even at the end of long days, my underarms are dry with no smell whatsoever. I would certainly recommend this product

Faith in Naature deodorant natural crystal - Fri 19th Jul 2013

So much kinder to the skin (and enviroment) than other products and it works better too!

Faith In Nature Body Deodorant Natural Crystal - Thu 30th May 2013

Really like crystal deodorants - it's amazing that something with one ingredient can be so effective, when we're constantly sold those other varieties with aluminium and all the rest you don't want to be putting on your body. This one is great - just don't forget to dry it when you're done to make it last even longer.

- Wed 12th Dec 2012

This took a couple of goes to get used to - I found it best to hold the stick under running water briefly before applying, after which it does the job. Impressive considering it only contains one ingredient.

Value for money and refreshing - Sat 3rd Nov 2012

This is a great roll on for those with sensitive skin or don't like strong fragrances. It's a light product in both smell and texture - leaving my skin feeling cooler and refreshed. You don't need to use much and because it's solid, it lasts a very long time whilst being easy to clean (simply wipe with a tissue) and it doesn't leave any sticky residue on the underarms. A good quality, value for money product.

Baddy free deodorant - Tue 10th Jan 2012

Really pleased to have found a chemical free roll on deodorant that seems to work. Much prefer to the rocks, which tend to scratch and disintegrate, but this has the same benefits as a natural crystal deodorant without the downsides.

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