Whole Earth Saucy Organic Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce  400g

Whole Earth Saucy Organic Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 400g

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Organic Baked Haricot Beans with no added sugar.

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Organic haricot beans (52%), water, organic tomatoes (19%), organic concentrated apple juice, organic brown rice flour, sea salt, organic onion powder, organic cassia, organic nutmeg, organic soy sauce (soya beans, water, sea salt, shochu, Koji seeds), organic garlic powder, organic dill, organic cloves, organic sunflower oil, natural capsicum flavouring.

Nutritional Information

per 100g:
Energy 407kJ/96kcal, Protein 5.2g, Carbohydrate 15.3g (of which sugars 4.3g), Fat 0.6g (of which saturates 0.1g), Fibre 3.9g, Sodium 0.6g.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Whole Earth Saucy Organic Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 400g


Salt in Baked Beans - Thu 7th Jul 2016

By all means add whatever is required to the label. Some of us oldies have low blood pressure and falls due to salt deprivation, so need extra salt in some foods to keep us fit.

Great alternative! - Tue 28th Jun 2016

So nice to be able to eat baked beans without worrying about added refined sugar and nasties! A slightly different taste to conventional brands, but have got used to it and really like them now!

The best baked beans - Wed 22nd Jun 2016

These are very tasty and often have them on toast or with one of the delicious vegan Clives Pies.

- Thu 4th Feb 2016

Very nice, but a lot sweeter than I would usually buy.



- Thu 21st Jan 2016

Baked beans used to be one of my favourite comforting foods, these healthy ones hit the spot. So tasty!

Lovely - Tue 6th Oct 2015

I love that these baked beans are organic and not full of all the other nasties you get in Heinz etc. These weren't as flavoursome as I was hoping (as I usually jazz my Heinz baked beans up with spices etc for added pizzazz and these already have added spices in), but I have to say they were certainly of far superior quality to any other baked beans I've had. I think I will definitely be ditching the Heinz and sticking with these!

Best beans ;) - Mon 1st Jun 2015

Great ingredients, preferable to other organic beans since these have no sugar and contain a nice array of healthy herbs. I buy these for my dad to replace his unhealthy beans - he hasn't noticed a difference so obviously they are very yummy! I think these are the best beans based on the ingredients and would recommend them as a great swap for normal beans.

No Sugar? - Thu 28th May 2015

I have noticed in the ingredients list that each 100g contains 3.9g free sugar. This is usually indicative of added sugar or sugar from another source BUT it is still SUGAR. In a Heinze reduced sugar BB, the free sugar per 100g is 3.2g.

Most peculiar?

- Tue 14th Oct 2014

Delicious beans in dark fruity flavour sauce worth the money

- Fri 13th Dec 2013

These are my favourite baked beans, sugar free! And nicely spiced. They have a firm texture. Worth paying a little more for, in my opinion.

- Wed 20th Nov 2013

The kids didn't like these, may be due to them liking other makes, we thought they were okay, not our favourite though.

whole earth baked beans - Fri 8th Nov 2013

A great tasting sugar free baked bean. A good staple for the store cupboard.

love love - Mon 30th Sep 2013

I adore these beans as do my kids - really tasty and unusual spice flavours - distinctive and much nicer than supermarket beans - more expensive but worth it

More Tomatoes Please - Sat 21st Sep 2013

These beans have a lovely texture, but what lets them down is the sauce does not taste tomatoey enough with it being so sweet and fruity from the concentrated apple juice (like HP sauce) with a sugar content of 5.1g per 100g (20.4g per tin). It is good though that the salt per 100g has now been reduced to 0.6g (2.4g per tin), just needs the sugar content to follow suit and the tomato content to rise.

New Ingredients Label 2013
Organic haricot beans (52%), water, organic tomatoes (19%), organic concentrated apple juice, organic brown rice flour, sea salt, organic onion powder, organic ground cinammon, organic garlic powder, organic tamari soy sauce (water, organic soya beans, sea salt, koji), organic ocean kelp, organic nutmeg, organic cloves, organic cayenne pepper, organic dill.

New Nutritional Information Label 2013
per 100g:
Energy 434kJ/103kcal, Protein 5.6g, Carbohydrate 16.5g (of which sugars 5.1g), Fat 0.6g (of which saturates 0.1g), Fibre 4.5g, Salt 0.6g.

Good Wholesome Food - Fri 20th Sep 2013

You can eat the Whole Earth Organic Baked Beans hot or cold, on its own or with another dish. Can be spiced with different oils/herbs/spices, also added to curries, soup, broth/stew or the usual served with pies/chips/toast. Always good to have in stock as it is quick to heat up and ready to eat in or out camping.

- Tue 6th Aug 2013

Really good to have sugar free great tasting baked beans!

- Wed 10th Jul 2013

The tastiest organic baked beans I've had with a long list of herbs and spices that are very satisfying, and is also gluten-free. I can't help but thick about buttered toast when I think about baked beans but they're filling on their own, cold or hot.

- Sun 7th Jul 2013

Great on toast or a jacket potato and organic too. Bit expensive though.

whole earth baked beans - Fri 24th May 2013

These have got to be the yummiest baked beans on the market. Lovely and sweet without any sugar, and the apple juice in them sets them apart.

- Sat 11th May 2013

The best baked beans available

Best baked beans ever! - Fri 28th Dec 2012

These are the richest, full bodied and most satisfying baked beans I've tried - they have a natural, warm, spicy taste with the just the right balance of sweet and tangy. I love that these are so healthy as well because regular baked beans have too much refined sugar and salt in them.

- Fri 7th Dec 2012

A good quality and tasty baked bean but a little high in salt.

Ready Made - Thu 15th Nov 2012

Yes, ready steady and eat. Can be enjoyed just the way it is spiced, cold or hot. Handy can that can be served with or without other foods.

- Mon 5th Dec 2011

A bit high in salt

- Fri 3rd Jun 2011

The only drawback for these Baked Beans is that they seem high in salt and make me quite thirsty so I have a small amount at a time. They make a nice vegan dish if served with pasta and salad, topped with nutritional yeast.

Delicious and nutty flavour - Wed 25th May 2011

We thoroughly enjoyed these. Beans without the sugar! They don't taste so sweet (unsuprisingly!) as sugared varieties of baked beans, but this adds rather than detracts from the taste. A fabulous alternative. They are high in salt, but frankly we tend towards beans as a bit of variety a couple of times a month, rather than a daily dietary addition, so the salt content doesn't worry me too much.

Great campfire flavour! - Fri 18th Feb 2011

I am not normally a lover of baked beans at all, but these are so nice I would actualy eat and enjoy them. They are MUCH nicer than Heinz and have a great natural flavour with a bit of spiciness, they don't taste all processed like your usual baked beans. I love to cook them in a veggie curry or bean stew. They're great for plumping up a fish pie. And very good with an English breakfast. They always remind me of camping!

Good for you - Mon 11th Oct 2010

If you have to go for baked beans in a tin, I would say "Go for these!!"
No sugar in them, and a lovely, well thought of recipe.

- Wed 10th Mar 2010

Totally delicious - I don't need to add extra seasoning like I do with some brands. Healthy as well, counts towards your Five a Day.

- Fri 15th May 2009

At last, organic baked beans in tomato sauce with no sugar (to which I am allergic) which tastes delicious; and my husband likes them too.

Price - Sun 24th Aug 2008

These baked beans are fantastic and really yummy.

Baked beans - Wed 3rd Oct 2007

My favourite topping for toast in the morning. Way better than the more cheaper sugar-loaded brands. Tastes delicious if you mix in about tablespoon of Tamari soy sauce while cooking it as well. I know that it's already listed in the ingredients but it really enhances the flavour.

- Thu 2nd Aug 2007

Far too much salt. Between 0.3 and 0.5 sodium is an orange light in the new traffic light system.
0.4 sodium is 0.4 x 2.5 in salt per 100g = 1g so in a tin there is just over 4g of salt.
You are allowed a maximum amount of 6g a day. Buy organic tinned beans in brine wash off the sauce and add organic tomato puree and herbs!

- Sun 18th Mar 2007

Great taste and without sugar which is what I need


Great as a pasta sauce. - Sun 5th May 2013

Try putting these on top of pasta for kids, they love it and a great way to get some protein in a non meat meal. No sugar, but natural sweetness and a hint of the different herbs and spices.

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