Granose Meat Free Soya Mince Mix 100g

Granose Meat Free Soya Mince Mix 100g

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Granose soya mince. Perfect vegetarian mince, a great base for protein packed vegetarian meals

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More about Granose Meat Free Soya Mince Mix

Granose dried, meat free soya mince is one of Granose's old faithful, tested and tried products. It has been a popular staple for vegetarians and vegans for many years. Granose are experts at providing nutritious tasty meat free ingredients and meals. This vegetarian mince mix is a great versatile and basic ingredient for vegetarian, vegan and nutritious cooking. Just cover the mince with boiling water for a couple of minutes, drain and use in any recipe in place of mince.

Cooking Instructions

Vegetarian Soya Mince Mix is really simple to use: 1. Place the required amount into a bowl and cover with boiling water.
2. Leave to soak for 1 minute.
3. Drain and use as required.


100% Dried soya mince (textured vegetable protein)(contains gluten)

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 349kJ/82kcal, Protein 11.8g, Carbohydrate 8.3g (of which sugars 1.5g), Fat 0.2g (of which saturates <0.1g), Fibre 0.9g, Sodium 0.10g.


Contains soya and gluten

Other Information

No artificial colours
No artificial flavours
Low in salt


Ingredients for 2 servings of soya mince spaghetti bolognese

25g granose soya mince
15ml (1tbsp) olive oil
1 small onion (finely chopped)
1 garlic clove (crushed)
2 large mushrooms (sliced)
1 medium carrot (grated)
1x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes
125ml vegetable stock
15ml (1tbsp) tomato puree
1tsp dried mixed herbs
salt and freshly ground pepper
200g spaghetti
25g of grated cheese and a sprig of basil for garnish


1. Re-hydrate the soya mince as directed.
2. Heat the olive oil in a medium to large saucepan. Add the onion and garlic and fry gently for about 5 minutes until softened.
3. Add mushrooms, carrot, and re-hydrated soya mince. Fry for another minute and then add chopped tomatoes, vegetable stock, tomato puree, dried herbs, salt and pepper. Stir well and bring to the boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer gently for a further 10 minutes. Adjust seasoning if required.
4. Meanwhile cook the spaghetti according to the packet instructions.
5. To serve, divide the spaghetti between two warm dishes, spoon over the bolognese sauce and sprinkle with grated cheese and basil.

Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Granose Meat Free Soya Mince Mix 100g


Convenience Health Food - Wed 2nd Dec 2015

Perhaps not "king" of the Meat Free range but this is really handy if you don't have a Freezer for any length of time, because you can store it in a cupboard, it's dry and you re-hydrate it - it takes 1 min. You do need to season it a bit though, perhaps even more than usual - but even a little bit of Soy Sauce, Vegetable Bouillon, or of course chili, and this a perfectly acceptable meat free mince alternative. Good to stock up on if you have an overflowing freezer - it saved me having to go to face the cold weather the shop twice this week!

Okay - Thu 8th Oct 2015

My daughter used this product to make a Shepherd's pie and whereas I thought it looked watery it actually tasted okay and made a nice change

Tasty - Fri 21st Feb 2014

Great to have in to make with sauces etc.

- Fri 25th Oct 2013

This is the nicest of the soya minces available, in our opinion, it's easy to use and doesn't take hours of cooking.

- Tue 20th Aug 2013

Needs something else to make more satisfying and bulk with because it's somewhat lite, like maybe surrounding it with generous amounts of noodles or pasta with herbs and ketchup all over. Vinegar can also be used to increase the mince's flavour if you find it too bland.

Nice - Fri 28th Jun 2013

This is lighter than most of the other vegan mince brands I've tried, it's light and is easier to eat with various sauces so it's more of a thickener or part of the sauce than a separate item of food.


- Wed 13th Nov 2013

When rehydrating add a dash of tamari and a crushed clove of garlic to the water, it makes a real difference to the taste as it soaks up those flavours prior to cooking.

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