Hambleden Organic Lime Flower  20b

Hambleden Organic Lime Flower 20b

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Perfect for first thing in the morning the clean, delicate flavour of Lime Flower will gently wash away the fog of the night and set you up for the day ahead.

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More about Hambleden Organic Lime Flower

Although the name suggests a link to the citrus family, Lime flowers are actually the flower of the Linden Tree and as such have a clean, floral flavour rather than the sharp citrus notes that some expect.

The low tannin levels of Lime Flowers also make this a very good after dinner tea as high tannin is thought to inhibit protein digestibility.


100% organic lime flower.

Other Information

Herbs that are skilfully processed lack only one constituent of the fresh plant - water. The care with which Hambleden herbs are grown, dried and cut ensures that this tea will meet the quality requirements - fragrance, flavour and vitality - of the most discerning palate.
Hambleden herbal teas are made with 100% organically grown ingredients. Guaranteed free from post-harvest treatments such as fumigation and irradiation, they contain no colouring, flavourings, preservatives or additives of any sort.

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Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Hambleden Organic Lime Flower 20b


Tilleul - Wed 19th Sep 2012

I spent some years living in Lausanne, Switzerland, and spend a few weeks in hospital there at one point. We were regularly given little cups of 'tilleul tisane', but I didn't know what it was and have forgotten about it until now when I realised that it was 'limeflower tea'. Presumably, we were given it not only because it was a local drink, but also has some medicinal/herbal properties. My French was only rudimentary but I recall being told it encouraged 'transpiration' (perspiration). I recall too that the little 'tisane' moments were extremely welcome (as these things are when you are sick). I will order it now I've found it and save it for a treat (it's a bit pricey but was very cheap in Lausanne!) I'm due for more surgery soon, so will certainly open it then....


- Thu 19th Jan 2012

I love this tea first thing in the morning. Tasty but not overbearing. A gentle wake-up.

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