Cotswold Arrowroot Powder 1kg

Cotswold Arrowroot Powder 1kg

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Arrowroot powder

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Can be used for thickening sauces, juices and syrups


Arrowroot powder from Cassava root.

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Produce of more than one country


Customer reviews - Cotswold Arrowroot Powder 1kg


arrowroot powder - Wed 6th Apr 2016

How wonderful to be able to buy such a huge bag of Arrowroot powder. I use it in pancakes, smoothies I add it to sauces etc even make a drink of it sometimes with slippery elm when I have digressed from my strict regime which causes upset digestion. My Gran no longer with us used to use it lots for her digestive problems so I am really thrilled to be able to buy a large amount. Many thanks.

- Wed 2nd Mar 2016

Very useful product when trying to avoid grains. I use this as a thickener instead of wheat flour or cornflour and also to make cookies etc

not for me - Sun 11th Aug 2013

Personally didn't like how it makes liquids glossy, a bit like how xanthan gum does, but others seem to love it and the quality seems solid so maybe give it a try.

- Thu 29th Nov 2012

Fantastic!! This is a great quality of arrowroot powder and the value is unbeatable. I'm very glad to have found this product.

Great thickener - Thu 2nd Feb 2012

Excellent as a thickener instead of cornstarch. Very very faint aroma but does not affect taste at all.

- Thu 2nd Feb 2012

Great as a thickener - just substitute when recipe calls for cornstarch. Works when added to cold liquids too.

- Thu 10th Nov 2011

Great for thickening gravies and sauces and for adding to your own gluten free flour mixes. I cannot eat corn and this is the best alternative in fact, better than cornflour! It is tasteless and it gives sauces a glossier finish than cornflour.

A Great Thickener - Mon 11th Oct 2010

Arrowroot powder is the answer if you wish to avoid corn flour and potato starch. It is really easy to use, just dilute it in a bit of cold water by whisking briskly, and then add to your recipe and cook as normal.

Great for sauces, custards, puddings, etc. the list is long.
It will go with anything sweet or savoury as it doesn't have a taste of its own, and gives a fabulous, smooth creamy texture to dishes.


- Thu 9th Feb 2012

For those who find any type of flour hard to digest arrowroot can be successfully used in biscuits cakes and batters. It is a powerful but gentle digestive aid and healer.

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