Citric Acid 1kg

Citric Acid 1kg

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Citric Acid 1kg

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More about Citric Acid

White crystalline powder, citric acid is a weak organic acid.

It is a natural preservative and is also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to foods and soft drinks.


Citric acid E330

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 1300kJ/300kcal, Protein 0g, Carbohydrates 0g, Fat 0g, FIbre 0g


Customer reviews - Citric Acid 1kg


- Sat 13th Dec 2014

Now here's a hidden gem of a product. Although this citric acid is food grade, and I use it in my homemade elderflower cordial, my favourite use is as a shower cleaner. A tablespoon dissolved in water and put in a spray bottle works a treat as a chemical free, odourless limescale cleaner. It also clears toilets of limescale if you dissolve a tablespoonfull in a large jug of hot water and leave it overnight. No need for nasty chemicals and the kids are pleased I'm not using vinegar anymore because of the smell

- Mon 21st Jul 2014

Great value bag. Used to make lots of elderflower cordial.


- Mon 28th May 2012

Excellent for general household descaling (e.g. kettles, toilets) & really hard to find in ordinary shops

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