Granovita Nut Luncheon 420g

Granovita Nut Luncheon 420g

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A delicious vegetarian peanut roll

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More about Granovita Nut Luncheon

A meat-free savoury loaf made from peanuts


Peanuts (52%), water, sea salt.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1316kj/317kcal, Protein 14g, Carbohydrate 9g, Fat 25g.


May contain traces of other nuts.

Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Granovita Nut Luncheon 420g


makes great toasties - Tue 11th Apr 2017

Decided to try this after reading reviews, although it tastes like nothing else its 'interesting' to try different ways, frying in a dash of coconut oil, diced in cup of soup (miso) and noodles, sandwich and even toasties. Its taste is unique, but that makes it a great standby.

So happy to find this product again! - Wed 24th Feb 2016

I haven't been able to find this product for years. I was so happy to be reunited again through GoodnessDirect.

This was a staple of my youth.

You can do so much with it & it's a great cupboard food.

Use in sandwiches, salad or as a meat alternative in many, many dishes. Once out of the tin, store in the fridge. I love just cutting a slice off for nibbling too. Delicious!

Oh tastebud joy - Fri 15th Jan 2016

I was gutted when Nutolene disappeared from the shelves of the local health shop a number of years back. To discover it can still be purchased without the brand name is fantastic news - there are many veggie burgers out there but you can't beat a slice fried and shoved in a white roll, beats any other burger!

Of course you can also enjoy it in stews, sandwiches, salads. Raw or cooked, lovely.

- Wed 13th Nov 2013

I like this, my husband doesn't, other members of the family think it's okay. It's a handy thing to keep in the cupboard, can be used cold or cooked and very few ingredients, which appeals to me.

Quite addictive! - Tue 15th Oct 2013

I didn't quite know what to make of this at first but then once I got into it, I really got into it! It' very moreish and makes great 'chunks' for curry or stew. I even liked it fried and served with baked beans! Such a novel yet tasty idea!

Unusual and interesting - Thu 27th Sep 2012

This is a very tasty alternative in taste and texture to tofu. My mum loves it and can eat it in big chunks or small pieces and can put it in practically any savoury dish. I personally don't like it much though, the texture is a bit too 'cakey' for me and I only really like it fried but even then its stays soft on the inside. It's also too salty in my opinion but different people like different things.

nutty - Wed 2nd Feb 2011

Have just managed to get a dozen cans of nut luncheon from my local heath store in Kenmare, co. Kerry, Ireland. I used to have it some years back as my three cats liked it as well, and because I am strict life vegetarian I could not use pet food derived from slaughter-house throw outs! Then I was not able to get the product which was then called "Nutolene" and was a bit dismayed as I liked it myself and more importantly, the cats had got hooked on it. Now I have found to my delight that "nut luncheon" is identical.

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