Dr Stuart's Slim Plus Tea 15b (4s)

Dr Stuart's Slim Plus Tea 15b (4s)

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A delicious herbal infusion including fennel, linden leaves and galangal root believed to suppress the appetite. This tea can only help slimming or weight loss as part of a controlled diet.

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More about Dr Stuart's Slim Plus Tea 15b (4s)

Dr Stuart promises that:

Evey herb is of the highest quality

Only the most prized part of the plant are used

All blends are created by a world-leading ethnobotanist

Dr Stuart's has 15% less packaging than before

Do you know:

Dr Stuart has been called 'The Father of Modern Herbalism'

There are 17 deliciously different Dr Stuart's teas to choose from

Dr Stuart's are perfect for whatever life throws at you

There's a Dr Stuart's to help you relax, re-focus and recharge


Use one bag for a cup, two for a mug. Pour on freshly boiled water. Allow the tea to brew for a good four to five minutes - the active botanicals need this time to release all their valuable essential oils. Cover the mug while brewing or use a little teapot to keep even more goodness in.


Fennel (53%), linden leaves (15%), dandelion root, corn silk, galangal root (6%), green oat, natural orange flavour.

Other Information

What are active botanical?

Herbs of the highest quality, picked from the most prized parts of the plants, with the most essential oils. That mean most aromatic, flavorful and beneficial tea possible.

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