Natural Cool Organic Strawberries 300g

Natural Cool Organic Strawberries 300g

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Natural cool organic strawberries

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Add the strawberries to your milkshakes, desserts, fruit salads, on ice, cocktails and cakes



Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

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Strawberry Toasts - Wed 8th Feb 2012

Beat together 4 eggs and 190 ml milk. Soak 4 slices of white bread in the egg mix. Take bread out of the egg mix and sprinkle one side thickly with icing sugar. Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan and fry the French toasts sugar side down until golden. Sprinkle the top side with more sugar and turn over in the pan. Pile with (defrosted) strawberries and serve immediately. You can warm the strawberries first if you wish.


Tasty! - Sat 19th May 2018

Lovely, fresh & tasty!

Yum! - Sat 15th Jul 2017

These strawberries look like wild ones and taste so ripe and full of flavour! They make fantastic strawberry and banana ice cream :)

yummy - Wed 22nd Mar 2017

Almost as good as fresh

Nice - Thu 5th Jan 2017

These are nice in smoothies or if you want to make compote etc but otherwise they're a little mushy which i dont mind but others may not like it. They taste lovely.

organic strawberries - Sat 2nd Jul 2016

Really pleased with this product - works out much less expensive than fresh organic strawberries which I can't always get hold of. Really good in smoothies but also works well defrosted and heated in a pan with chia seeds to make a sugar free home made jam/puree.

Simply the best - Thu 23rd Jun 2016

Just delicious and full of flavour. Free from pesticides is a big thing since conventional berries tend to get sprayed to death. One of the main reasons I return to order from GD time and again.

Best used frozen - Tue 31st May 2016

These strawberries were nice, but because they're frozen, they don't really hold their shape or texture well once defrosted - much better used as frozen.

Natural Cool Organic Strawberries - Sat 30th Apr 2016

Keep their flavour pretty well in a smoothie

- Wed 10th Feb 2016

I add these to smoothies and they're not covered in ice like some other brands which is great. Not as sweet as fresh strawberries but will purchase again.

- Sun 11th Oct 2015

I tried them in a smoothy and they were very delicious!

Good - Tue 11th Aug 2015

Perfect for smoothies and toppings. Good quality and sweetness but cheaper than fresh

- Wed 17th Jun 2015

These were gone within a week! I added them to my morning smoothie. Delicious!

- Wed 20th May 2015

Warm, blend, sweeten to taste and add some black pepper for a delightful sauce to accompany plain cooked meat. Go easy on the pepper and you can even try this as a dessert sauce.

- Thu 23rd Apr 2015

I am so very pleased to find a reputable, reliable supplier of frozen organic strawberries (and other fruits). As a follower the 'Fit For Life' diet - only fruit consumed til noon - it means I can be sure of a year round supply. Just Fab!

Organic strawberrys - Tue 24th Mar 2015

Love these just as much as my frozen blueberries. Great stuff.

Good for jam making - Wed 25th Jun 2014

Very good for jam making, they are sweet like good fresh strawberries should be rather than the bland somewhat dry ones I find in supermarkets.

Organic Strawberries all year round - Sat 22nd Feb 2014

A really good cost option for organic strawberries all year long!

Lovely - Sat 14th Dec 2013

These freshly preserved so they keep their taste and crispness, I found they didn't go mushy or break apart or create a sludge when cooking - excellent quality.

Great - Sun 10th Nov 2013

Really handy to have in the freezer

Oustanding! - Wed 17th Jul 2013

Absolutely superb quality! These are small strawberries that stay firm when left to defrost overnight or left out for a few mush here (like you get with some supermarket frozen fruit). They taste like strawberries are supposed to taste and are brilliant in rice porridge or smoothies.

Jamming - Fri 12th Jul 2013

Frozen fruits are perfect for jam making and these strawberries work superbly. You just need natural pectin for thickening and you'll end up having 100% strawberry, unsweetened jam for spreading or flavouring puddings and yogurts.

- Mon 28th Jan 2013

Love to put these on cheese cakes.

Rejuvenating - Wed 9th Jan 2013

Strawberries' antioxidant properties are rejuvenating, especially to the skin, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and boosting collagen production.

- Tue 29th May 2012

If like me you sometimes find it hard to wait for the summer months in order to enjoy strawberries, these will come in handy. Plump, perfectly ripe strawberries, ideal for use in baking or cooking

Eton Mess - Sat 12th Nov 2011

In a large bowl break up 6 ready made meringue nests into small pieces. Whip 300 ml double cream until it reaches a soft dropping consistency and just holds its shape. Fold the meringue into the cream. Place a spoonful of crushed (defrosted) strawberries into the base of 4 dessert glasses then follow with a layer of the meringue mixture and repeat, finishing the top each dish with a few whole strawberries.

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