Natural Cool Organic Berry Mix 300g

Natural Cool Organic Berry Mix 300g

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Organic blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, red currants and strawberries.

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More about Natural Cool Organic Berry Mix

Made by the renowned brand 'natural Cool', these are marketed as 'fresh frozen', in other words frozen as soon as possible after being picked. The selection varies slightly but always contains a mix of juicy, delicious fruits to defrost and eat on their own or to use in cooking. Delicious!


raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, redcurrant (in variable proportion) from Organic agriculture.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 182kJ/43kcal, Fat 0.6g,of which saturates 0.0g, Carbohdrates 5.6g of which sugar 5.6g, Fibre 3.6g, Protein 1.0g, Salt 0.01g

Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Natural Cool Organic Berry Mix 300g


Berry Tipple - Tue 17th Jan 2012

Muddle 2 tbsp berries in a champagne flute, fill up with sparkling white wine, mix together and add a mint sprig. Cheers!

Berry Salsa - Fri 7th Oct 2011

Put 2 tbsp red wine vinegar in a pan, add 2 tbsp caster sugar and gently heat until dissolved. Add 300 g frozen berry mix and 2 finely diced shallots and poach gently for 10 minutes until softened. Allow to cool. Serve with turkey, game or deep-fried tofu.

Berry & Hazlenut Crunch - Wed 7th Sep 2011

Mix 125 g chopped roasted hazlenuts and 125 g toasted wholemeal breadcrumbs and stir in 2-3 tbsp runny honey. Layer with the defrosted berries in 4 serving glasses. Serve with creamy natural yoghurt.

Natural Cool Organic Berry Mix - Thu 1st Apr 2010

I defrost them, then mix into yoghurt with maple syrup. Sweet - yes! Guil-inducing - no!


Great! - Fri 10th Feb 2017

Love these berries! So nice to find frozen berries that are organic as can't seem to find them in any shops close to home.

Yummy - Thu 5th Jan 2017

I really like these as well as the rest of the range from Natural Cool, really great quality and goodness direct send them packaged so well.

Great - Fri 16th Dec 2016

Really good mix, for my smoothies or my yogurt. Delicious

Organic Wild Bluberies - Tue 13th Sep 2016

Best frozen fruits in the world. Customer service and delivery was prompt and excellent. I will use them from now on.

organic berries - Sat 2nd Jul 2016

Really cost effective way to get a good mix of organic berries without the pesticides. The fruits are nicely balanced in terms of the dark and red berries which helps maximise the nutrient blend. Excellent for smoothies and they also defrost without loosing too much structure to add to natural yogurt/granola.

Decisions..... - Thu 23rd Jun 2016

For those who can't decide, antioxidant heaven. Not sure what you might be lacking, then the berry mix is the way to go!

Good value - Wed 4th May 2016

Great for smoothies and delivery and packaging were brilliant. Will definitely be ordering more as organic frozen fruit is hard to find in my area

Great - Wed 13th Apr 2016

It's so good to be able to buy frozen organic berries, can't ever seem to get any in supermarkets. I use these for smoothies. Convenient and tasty.

Organic Berry Mix - Wed 2nd Mar 2016

Highly convenient to have in the freezer for smoothies and fruit salads. Fresh flavoursome berry mix, great that they are organic too.

- Fri 26th Feb 2016

Best quality organic frozen berries in uk

Green Smoothies - Tue 16th Feb 2016

Love this mix. So easy to use and full of anti-oxidants. It makes your Green Smoothie so refreshing!

- Wed 10th Feb 2016

Perfect addition to smoothies. I blitz these with half an avocado to make a thick healthy frozen smoothie. Not the sweetest but very happy!

great - Tue 17th Nov 2015

Great Product worth the monies compared to the QTY you get in the Supermarket

amazing berries - Wed 21st Oct 2015

Great product for overnight oats or baking. Can store and last for ages without going off like fresh berries.

- Sun 11th Oct 2015

Great product! Will buy it again :)

Amazing - Wed 12th Aug 2015

Perfect fruit combo and great for keeping smoothies cold

Good Stuff - Sun 26th Jul 2015

I add this to my "nutriblasts" decided to buy organic because I'm worried about making all the pesticides that are in supermarket fruit "bio-available" too. I will definitely buy this a great way of adding a rainbow of nutrition to my blended breakfast.

- Wed 17th Jun 2015

I will be honest I like that you get a variety of berries but I wish the bags were bigger! They were gone within 5 days

- Fri 15th May 2015

Probably wouldn't repurchase, quite a lot of currants which make my smoothies quite 'bitty' not a lot of other berries inside the bags.

Warm Berry Smoothie - Sat 22nd Feb 2014

Blend 200 ml orange juice with 6 tbsp frozen berries and 1 tsp poppy seeds. Warm in a pan or in the microwave, stir well and serve.

Great staple to have - Sat 14th Dec 2013

These freshly preserved so they keep their taste and crispness so not only are they great for cake baking they are also great for milkshakes, icecream, sorbet! These are particularly great for seasonal items like bread and butter pudding as well as they look fabulous as a filling.

- Tue 3rd Dec 2013

I buy these from the health food store, they are more expensive but are the nicest frozen berries I have tried. I may but them from GoodnessDirect in the future, if I need a frozen order as their price is good.

- Wed 24th Jul 2013

My favourite item (so far) on Goodness Direct. Made the perfect summer pudding, great with cereal or straight from the freezer into a Tupperware for a snack.

Great value - Tue 18th Jun 2013

These are really great, the best price I could find for organic frozen fruit

Dessert ideas. - Tue 7th May 2013

These are great to grab out the freezer and make a summer pudding with or a fruit crumble, or on top of ice cream. It's not bad value either for organic fruits.

- Thu 18th Apr 2013

Great to buy in the winter when berries are less readily available, and great for adding to smoothies- no need to defrost. Be warned though, there are a lot of redcurrants in here which are an acquired taste.

Very Berry Yoghurt Layer - Mon 11th Feb 2013

Combine 150 ml natural bio-yoghurt with 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp runny honey. Arrange the yoghurt in a glass in layers with 125 g berry mix. Top with 1 tbsp each of chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds.

- Mon 28th Jan 2013

Makes a lovely smoothie or topping for yoghurt with some added sugar.

Not only Tasty - Tue 22nd Jan 2013

Not only for vitamin C, blackberries and raspberries are also a good source of vitamin E, required for maintaining soft and supple skin. Also contain calcium, magnesium and beta-carotene.

Mixed Berries - Wed 9th Jan 2013

All berries in this mix help stimulate the organs of detoxification, boosting the circulation and speeding up the metabolism. Excellent for skin health and collagen production. Eat a portion a day.

Natural Vitamins galore - Tue 4th Dec 2012

Beautiful taste, textures and colours of fresh sweet and tangy juicy natural cool organic berry mix. Ready to eat or added in salads, ice-creams, can be cooked with other fruits in pies, tarts, crumbles or decorations on cakes/dishes, turned in to a sweet or sour dishe, drinks, sauces. Wonderfully versatile.

MMmmmmm... - Tue 11th Sep 2012

Enjoy defrosted berries with natural yoghurt, walnuts and a selection of seeds for crunch and texture, and you'll have a diet-friendly substitute for granola (often full of sugar and added fats/oils). Snack size amounts of berries defrost really quickly too. These are gorgeous, and packed with vitamins and antioxidants - well preserved by freezing.

Try... - Thu 24th May 2012

Try whizzing 125g berry mix, 200 ml milk and 1 tbsp strawberry jam in a blender until smooth. Pour into a large glass and enjoy.

- Mon 12th Mar 2012

Great to make homemade ice-cream sauces, coulis, smoothies...

Love it :) - Tue 7th Feb 2012

I've used this mixed into natural 'yofu' with some agave and a little vanilla, also tonight I made 'ice cream' but have yet to see how successfully it freezes. Basically the same as the yogurt, but I also added mango and left out the vanilla. The mixture tasted delicious after I had whizzed it up in the food processor. It also went BRIGHT 'pepto bismol' pink lol


- Tue 1st Oct 2013

There aren't too many desserts that are as easy as cobbler yet so incredibly delicious as well. You can use all four berry types or pick a blend of your favorites in this versatile cobbler recipe. Be sure to have whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on hand to serve.

Smoothies - Mon 15th Jul 2013

Great for making smoothies with..add a bit of ice, a banana and some yoghurt if you fancy it, pop it in the blender and you have a great smoothie!

Fruit slushy - Fri 12th Jul 2013

A very short tip this is. Take frozen fruit straight from the freezer and into your blender until you get a frosty mush, then pour into a glass and use a spoon to enjoy on hot days. For something extra you could cover with cream.

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