Taifun Basil Tofu   200g

Taifun Basil Tofu 200g

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Firm Tofu with fresh basil and herbs

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More about Taifun Basil Tofu

Tofu is a diverse product which more and more people are choosing to use as a tasty ingredient in a variety of their dishes. Taifun place great emphasis on the origin and quality of the raw materials they use in their Tofu specialties. In this context, contract farming is essential for them. 100% of their soya beans are from contract farming. Similarly, they have also introduced contract farming projects for other important ingredients. This requires close cooperation and direct contact with their contractual partners who produce the high quality ingredients that they require.

One of their most successful products and top-sellers in the UK is the Tofu Basil, which impresses with its very fine Mediterranean character. The secret of Tofu Basil is its unique flavour, which is achieved through the careful selection of organic basil and unique preparation process:
In order to obtain the flavoursome taste fermented basil is used for this product – not just dried basil leaves.
The fermented basil leaves are harvested only when their essential oil content is optimum and hence they are fully aromatic.
After harvest the leaves are processed according to a traditional Italian manufacturing method for preserving basil: the leaves must be allowed to wilt after harvest, then chopped up by a cutter, and finally soaked in olive oil together with sea salt for several months.
The raw material for this fermented basil is cultivated by selected contract farmers exclusively for Taifun who process the raw materials on site according to strict specifications.
Taifun savour and sensory judge every barrel of fermented basil before processing. Only basil, which has the especially aromatic flavour is used in their production.

Serving Suggestion

Serve cold with French bread or in salads, or fried with noodles, rice or potatoes. Or serve Tofu Basil finely sliced and combined with sun ripe tomatoes and a balsamic dressing for a perfect antipasti or summer salad.


Tofu 90% (water, soyabeans, coagulating agents: nigari, (magnesium chloride) calcium sulphate), olive oil extra vergine, basil 3.2%, vegetable broth, sea salt, yeast extract, potato starch, leek, carrots, sunflower oil, mace, parsley, celery), wild garlic, parsley.

Nutritional Information

per 100g:
Energy 904kJ/217kcal, Protein 17.9g, Carbohydrate 3.5g, Fat 14.6g.

Other Information

Taifun uses a combination of nigari (magnesium chloride extracted from sea water) and calcium sulphate to coagulate it. This coagulation method produces a firmer texture and is also means that the tofu is a good source of calcium.

Soil Association Organic Foods Awards - Winner in the “Soya and free from” category


Tofu Basil with Tomatoes and Balsamic Marinade
(Recipe for 4 servings):
400g (2 packs) Taifun Tofu Basil
4-5 tomatoes
6 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. white balsamic vinegar
½ bunch fresh basil
1 tsp. lemon juice
4 tbsp. roasted pine nuts
a pinch of salt, ground pepper
A drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction (to make it yourself: bring balsamic vinegar to boil and simmer until it gets thicker, then add a little sugar)
Prepare a flavoursome marinade from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and ground pepper.

Wash the fresh basil, spin a little dry and set aside four petals for decoration. Remove the remaining basil leaves from the stem, cut into thin strips and add to the marinade.

Wash the tomatoes, pat dry, remove the stalk, cut into 24 slices and drain briefly in a colander.

Take the Tofu Basil from the package and cut into 12 uniform slices. Place the Tofu slices in the marinade to soak for 15 minutes. Then arrange the Tofu around the edge of each serving plate, alternating with the tomato slices, and drizzle with the marinade.

Finally, decorate Tofu and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar reduction, sprinkle the plate edges with coarse pepper and garnish with basil leaves. Serve with fresh Ciabatta bread.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Taifun Basil Tofu 200g


Excellent - Tue 9th May 2017

Sometimes fusion cuisine fails spectacularly. Sometimes it's a leftfield success. This tofu with basil falls into the latter camp, largely because it's packed with more than just basil - boosting the flavour for more of a pesto-ish hit than a simple herbacious accent. Italy meets Japan with very tasty results.

Taifun Basil Tofu - Wed 2nd Mar 2016

My favourite tofu to buy, it is the best on the market in my opinion. Wonderful basil taste with a firm texture that is really easy to cut. Excellent to have cold in a salad, or lightly cooked in a pasta sauce, or even just for snacking on it's own. It just isn't the best value tofu product on the market though for 200g.

LOVE this! - Thu 7th Jan 2016

Love this tofu! SOOO delicious!!! One of my favourites now

Strong Basil Flavour - Sat 28th Nov 2015

This has a strong basil flavour that needs no additional seasoning. It is marvellously versatile because it can go in stews and mixes without loosing its texture or shape. I enjoy it fried and tossed with a crispy salad and a drizzle of virgin oil. Lovely but very pricey.

Amazing - Mon 24th Aug 2015

I have bought this a few times and it is amazing. Absolutely love it. I have chopped it up into small pieces to add into a salad etc., but must admit I've eaten quite a lot straight out of the pack. Delicious. Tummy now rumbling.

- Fri 19th Jun 2015

It really does taste like basil, it's very simple to cook, so it's a great convenience food and it's so tasty. I think it taste that good, I eat it with plain pasta.

- Sun 15th Mar 2015

The best tofu! Delicious. Perfect with a salad

- Fri 9th May 2014

Delicious cold in salads, or added to mediterranean style roasted veg.

Top class tofu - Sat 26th Apr 2014

This is my favourite tofu- both in terms of firmness and in flavour. I became very attached to a brand of flavoured tofu whilst living in the US and am so happy that I have something comparable in the UK! The flavour is strong but not overpowering and makes dishes rather than becomes a bland part of them. I have used it in so many different ways and the firmness is such that it holds up in sandwiches, frying, tossed salads, everything!

- Sun 3rd Feb 2013

For my taste it is a little bland but in sandwiches with coleslaw or humous it is a great healthy alternative to cheese.

Versatile - Tue 26th Apr 2011

Another great product from Taifun. I use this sliced and grilled in hummus sandwiches, cubed into pasta and tomato sauce, or smushed into a ricotta-substitute for the top of a lasagne.

- Tue 12th Oct 2010

This product is fantastic! I find it hard to find tofu with a firm enough texture in the UK, but this one is perfect. The basil flavour is not to overpowering, and the product goes well with pasta and in sandwiches. Try it!


- Tue 9th Oct 2012

Typically high-quality Taifun tofu product. I find it really handy to have a few seasoned, or otherwise flavoured tofus in the fridge, for when there's no time to marinate a plain tofu. This has a good flavour which complements pasta & Mediterranean dishes.

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