Taifun Organic Tofu Smoked Almond & Sesame Slice 200g

Taifun Organic Tofu Smoked Almond & Sesame Slice 200g

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Smoked tofu slices with almonds and sesame seeds.

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More about Taifun Organic Tofu Smoked Almond & Sesame Slice

Tofu slices are a very versatile and tasty way to add protein to your meal. Ideal with salad.
Firm, lightly crunchy texture and the mild, natural smoke flavour. Taifun uses a particularly gentle smoking method with beech wood from the Black Forest.
The smoked Tofu is refined with roasted almonds and flavoursome sesame seeds and therefore has a particularly hearty quality. An aromatic soya sauce (shoyu) gives this Tofu specialty its distinctive touch.
Whether cold on a sandwich or in a salad, sautéed with vegetable dishes, pasta or rice – the “Almonds and Sesame“ Tofu slices give every dish a delicious smoky flavour.

Serving Suggestion

Eat cold as a snack or in salads, fry in a pan and serve with vegetable dishes, rice or pasta.


Tofu 88% (water, soya beans) almonds 3.2%, sesame seeds 3.2%, soya sauce, beech wood smoke.

Other Information

Taifun uses a combination of nigari (magnesium chloride extracted from sea water) and calcium sulphate to coagulate it. This coagulation method produces a firmer texture and is also means that the tofu is a good source of calcium.

Commended in the Soil Association Food Awards 2012

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Taifun Organic Tofu Smoked Almond & Sesame Slice 200g


Delicious - Mon 4th Apr 2016

My favourite tofu. Firm and nutty it is great hot in stirfries or cold with salad.

Delicious - Thu 3rd Dec 2015

This is lovely - a really tight, close texture which makes it moreish to eat without any additional prep. The nuts and seeds add a nice touch of crunch, and the smoky flavour is well permeated.

Delicious and Expensive - Fri 27th Nov 2015

A smokey tofu flecked with almond and sesame to give a nutty texture, this is pure luxury with a price tag to match. This is a special treat in my house fried in minutes and devoured in seconds.

- Sun 15th Mar 2015

I love smoked tofu, this is the best! Delicious.

- Fri 9th May 2014

I love this tofu, it has amazing texture and flavour and the chopped almonds and seeds give it that bit extra.

- Sat 26th Apr 2014

This used to be my favourite tofu- lovely smokey flavour, very firm (and therefore versatile) and has a great crunch to it from the almonds and seeds. I'm so sad that the Taifun smoked tofus are unsuitable for Coeliacs just because soy sauce is used where other brands use tamari. I really hope this changes soon

- Thu 24th Apr 2014

Delicious, as are all the Taifun products, one of our favourite brands. Very firm and full of flavour. Doesn't need cooked really, nice as it is, but also nice sliced and lightly fried.

- Wed 12th Feb 2014

The texture is a little chewy and I wasn't keen on the sesame flavour... Needs a bit of spice with it. Marinate with chilli flakes :)

best tofu EVER - Sun 6th Oct 2013

I wasn't fond of tofu when first went vegan (even now I have been vegan years I still struggle with the texture) but this tofu I (&my 4 & 8 year old) will literally just eat freshly sliced. Our fav is in a sandwich with peanut butter, salad and vegan mayo. Mmmmmmmm...it's alot like smoked cheddar.

Terrific Tofu - Tue 4th Dec 2012

The best tofu ever. When I get it I just eat it straight from the pack in slices! I've even tried using it to replace the smoked fish in Kedgeree, worked a treat!

Tofu Tofu Tofu - Thu 15th Nov 2012

Tofu can be eaten morning noon or night, tofu is a natural delight, eaten cold or hot, spiced or not, thumbs up - a great food.

Delicious - Tue 26th Apr 2011

Great product, sliced and dry-fried, and put into a sandwich with hummus, or avocado, these add a great smokey flavour to anything. Also nice in stir-frys.

Taifun Organic Smoked Tofu - Sat 3rd Nov 2007

This is the favourite tofu item in our household, which is mixed vegetarian and non. We eat it cold and sliced, stir-fried, in an oriental sauce...or any-which-way. It's versatile, holds its shape and adds a nice nutty flavour to everything. Particularly nice with organic short-grain brown rice in a stir-fry on a lazy Friday night, we think!

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