Taifun Organic Tofu Wiener/Frankfurters 300g

Taifun Organic Tofu Wiener/Frankfurters 300g

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High protein tofu frankfurters

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More about Taifun Organic Tofu Wiener/Frankfurters


Tofu* 75% (Soya Beans* 55%, Water, Coagulating Agents: Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Sulfate), Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Soya Sauce* (Water, Soya Beans*, Wheat* Sea Salt), Oatmeal*, Sea Salt, Thickening Agent: Guar Gum*, Fenugreek*, Coriander*, White Pepper*, Black Pepper*, Sweet Paprika*, Hot Paprika*, Caraway*, Garlic*, Beech Wood Smoke,


*Organically Grown Ingredients

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: 

Energy 1096kJ/264kcal, Fat 19.8g of which saturates 2.9g, Carbohydrate 5.6g of which sugars 0.2g, Protein 14.9g, Salt 1.8g


Allergens can be found in the ingredients list

Contains Oats, Contains Soya, Contains Wheat

Other Information

Taifun uses a combination of nigari (magnesium chloride extracted from sea water) and calcium sulphate to coagulate it. This coagulation method produces a firmer texture and is also means that the tofu is a good source of calcium.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Taifun Organic Tofu Wiener/Frankfurters 300g


- Sun 21st Jan 2018

Great product, but they're 3.50 in Waitrose!!!

Hot dawg! - Fri 11th Mar 2016

Very tasty filling in a hot dog roll - great with relish and onions!

Fabulous - Tue 8th Dec 2015

This was such a fantastic ingredient to whip up a quick meal with. Tried it raw, fried, with pasta, noodles, on sandwiches in a stew, it went beautifully each time. Well done Taifun, another fridge favourite.

tofu weiner - Thu 8th Oct 2015

Oh these are so tasty that I eat em cold out the packet for two tasty, filling snacks.
Just lovely, bit expensive, but a treat

Wiener Baguette - Sat 23rd May 2015

Fill a baguette with tofu wiener, American yellow mustard, sauerkraut, soft fried onions and your favourite hot chilli/pepper sauce.

- Fri 20th Mar 2015

These are the best vegan frankfurters, lovely flavour & good texture

- Tue 4th Nov 2014

I have to say, this wasn't to my, my husband nor my 4 year old daughter's taste. But to be fair, these were the first veggie frankfurters we ever bought. Perhaps we were expecting too much. The only way to eat them was to make gulash-like dish, so you don't really taste them much and the vegetables overpower them and infuse with some other flavours. They swell too during the cooking. Is that normal for any product? Wont be re-ordering.

Vegan barbecue essential - Wed 12th Feb 2014

Great product for vegan hot dogs. Very tasty and chewy so should be enjoyed by meat eaters as well.

Great for an indulgent snack! - Wed 16th Oct 2013

I was never a fan of real hot dogs but these are so tasty! A great alternative and actually do taste brilliant in a bun with ketchup and gerkins!

Well flavoured meat-free wieners - Sat 10th Aug 2013

I'd describe them as having an oily surface to the touch (sunflower) and easy to chew tofu texture is flavoured by smokey and spiciness that can be eaten straight out of the packet cold. There's a lot in here but that goes with them being frankfurters, which are usually massive!

A surprising discovery! - Sun 5th May 2013

Wow, these are amazing! I've always loved the smell of frankfurters but am vegetarian and this is the first opportunity I have had to try something that looks so similar. I don't know what frankfurters taste like, but these are delicious. I was doubtful by their appearance, but don't let that put you off, you will be surprised!

New faves - Tue 26th Feb 2013

I wasn't convinced that I'd like these but was impressed by the high tofu content so went ahead and gave them a try - they were delish! I really liked them, I think they taste great with all the condiments I tried e.g. bbq sauce, ketchup, vegan mayo and houmous but I particularly like them with chilli and mint sauce - they give them a real edge!

- Sun 3rd Feb 2013

I am not vegetarian but I am concerned about what I eat so normal Frankfurters are a definate no - these are a great substitute.

- Wed 10th Oct 2012

Really delicious, excellent quality, and incredibly easy to cook

recommended - Mon 30th May 2011

Very very tasty, great texture, couldn't believe just how tasty they were the first time I tried them and now I'm always ordering them. Would be nice as a hot dog substitute

You want hotdogs? You want THESE - Thu 22nd May 2008

I had these in my bag when I went to Japan and it made all the vegans jealous! If it weren't for the price of these I would have them everyday! I have also seen them in a shorter version when I went to Ireland and they saved my vegan life as you can eat them straight out of the pack.
A full 5 stars for the flavour and texture of these tasty woodsmoke sausages, well worth a try!


- Wed 16th Oct 2013

This product from Goodness Direct is much cheaper than anywhere else we have seen them. Our nearest health food shop charges nearly 5 for this. They are actually a great frankfurter, I will be including them in my next order. Thanks Goodness Direct, another good price for a great item.

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