Vbites White Cheddar Style Cheezly 190g

Vbites White Cheddar Style Cheezly 190g

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Vegan white cheddar style cheese block

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More about Vbites White Cheddar Style Cheezly

Redwood whire cheddar style cheezly is a great vegan alternative to dairy cheese. This block of dairy free cheese can be sliced, chopped or crumbled to fill sandwiches and top off your favourite meals with a vegan alternative to cheese.


Water, potato starch, non-hygrogenated vegetable oils & fats, soya protein, yeast extract, thickener: carrageenan; salt, natural flavouring, calcium phosphate, colour: carotene

Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g:
Energy 1036kJ/248kcal, Protein 3.5g, Carbohydrate 18.6g (of which sugars 0.3g), Fat 17.6g (of which saturates 10.2g), Cholesterol 0.0g, Fibre 1.6g, Sodium 0.6g.


Contains soya

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Vbites White Cheddar Style Cheezly 190g


Delicious - Sun 24th Jun 2018

This is the best vegan cheese....it has a nice mild taste, mistakenly it seems described by some as bland.... and is great in sandwiches, salads or in cooking. It grates well and freezes perfectly for long time. There is strong cheese and then there is this. It is lovely !

- Tue 17th Nov 2015

An essential for both melted sandwiches and pizzas

not for me - Mon 18th May 2015

I have tasted all types of cheese during my life time and this particular cheese I did not like, I am not the type to waste food but it had to go in the bin

Gross - Tue 13th Jan 2015

In my opinion, it tastes like I would guess sweaty feet would taste like... Melts strange, goes kind of bitty like mashed potato.

- Mon 12th Jan 2015

Umm.. Okay so it melted really well. But the taste was a real let down. It tasted pretty much like plastic, and it was EXTREMELY sweet as well. Like, cheese isn't supposed to be sweet. Kinda disappointed in this product but it's good in Mac n cheese if you cover the sweet taste up with nooch. As I said it melted well.

:/ - Sun 23rd Feb 2014

Maybe it's because I'm new to vegan cheese and it just takes some getting used to but I am not a fan of this cheese. It tastes nothing like cheese, it tastes more similar to plastic actually but having said that the more I try it the more it's growing on me. I do not recommend eating it on it's own but, I did put it in an omelette and made cheese sauce for a lasagne with it (using dairy-free milk) and actually it was ok!

My advice for making it taste better: paprika, nutmeg or pepper

- Tue 18th Feb 2014

So glad I found this! Life saving

- Wed 23rd Oct 2013

Tastes great with ploughmans chutney. Try toasting a bagel, put slices of the sheese on top and melt under the grill, then top with chutney.

- Thu 26th Sep 2013

Great used in many ways from a 'cheese' sauce to a baked potato.

Beautifully Taste - Mon 23rd Sep 2013

Delicious and wholesome Redwood White Cheddar Style Cheezly can be eaten on its own or with salads, chutneys and made or used in sweet or savoury foods eg, pizza, cheese on toast, jacket potatoes, pasta, soups, array or breads/biscuits and turned in to dips, sauces and toppings and fillings in sandwiches and snacks. Nutritious and very versatile.

Delicious - Tue 9th Jul 2013

A great improvement on the Redwood range - no sickly sweet taste, just strong cheddar with a slightly bitter feel. I like this with a little vegan mayo - not the healthiest combination but a nice treat when going for a full on sandwich with lot's of toppings.

- Thu 4th Jul 2013

I love the flavour of the 'cheese' it goes well in many things from a Vegan 'cheese' sauce to a jacket potato, but I do find that it tends to go mouldy very quick.

- Mon 28th Jan 2013

I actually find the flavour of this one to be too strong (not what I might have expected from a substitute food!) but my mum and younger brother really enjoy it.

Very, very good :) - Tue 20th Dec 2011

Have just ordered 2 of these to keep me going after trying the first one. It does have a very strong taste so a little goes a long way. A friend of mine had a taste too and said it was excellent and he doesn't even have any dietary restrictions! Great news for entertaining friends :) If you use it in a recipe you really wouldn't need any added salt as it is already pretty salty tasting. I haven't tried it in anything yet though other than on some oatcakes or shaved onto some ham with salad so I don't know how it is for sauces etc. I am looking forward to experimenting with it though :) Watch this space for recipes! :) It's got a lovely long use by date too, not weeks but months! Lovely jubbly :) Oh, and the dog likes it too (he loves cheese but if I can't have the regular one it's a good job he likes this :) - he only gets the crumbs though)


Cheese bread - Mon 23rd Dec 2013

If you add lots of powdered cheese along with chopped tomatoes with the flour during bread making you'll finish with a deliciously bendy and rich tasting cheese and tomato loaf. The cheese will have all melted into the flour.

Cheese - Sun 22nd Sep 2013

Use nonstick spray onto grater before grating cheese etc as this makes it easier to clean

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