Clearspring Marukura Sweet White Miso 250g

Clearspring Marukura Sweet White Miso 250g

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Organic, cultured rice and soya bean puree in a sweet white miso.

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More about Clearspring Marukura Sweet White Miso

Sweet white Miso is unique amongst misos, it is only fermented for 2-8 weeks, unlike other misos which are fermented from between a single summer up to 3 years. White miso is paler than other varieties;  is creamy, rich and slightly sweet. White miso is particularly suited to light soups, dips, dressings, and spreads. Its creamy texture and taste make it a great substitute for dairy in mashed potato and similar uses.


Cultured rice* (63%), whole soya beans* (24%), water, sea salt. 

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 695kJ/165kcal, Protein 7.46g, Carbohydrate 27.1g of which sugars 23g, Fat 3.4g of which saturates 1.19g of which monounsaturates 1.43g of which polyunsaturates 0.63g, Fibre 2.1g, Salt 4.925

Other Information

Manufacturers Address:

Clearspring Ltd.
19A Acton Park Estate, London W3 7QE, UK

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Gluten Free, Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clearspring Marukura Sweet White Miso 250g


Outrageously tasty - Sun 22nd Jan 2017

Outrageously tasty and well worth the extra cost. I love making a vegan cheesy sauce for cauliflower with this. It is also fantastic in mashed potato. I could, and do, on occasion, eat it straight from the pack...shhhhh

- Wed 13th Apr 2016

So yummy for all kinds of things. Add to salad dressings. mix with oil and pour over broccoli or other veg, make a nourishing cup of soup in seconds, spread over baked aubergine and put under grill. Delicious

- Wed 9th Mar 2016

I'm not use to white or sweet miso but found it to be really appetising, being more milder than the longer fermented brown ones. There aren't many brands that do white misos as I've only found 2 so far, so it's good that it's supplied here.

- Thu 17th Dec 2015

Lovely Miso, we use this a lot, but pay a lot more from our health food shop - thanks Goodness Direct.

- Mon 27th Apr 2015

Sweet and excellent quality.

white miso - Mon 25th Aug 2014

What a difference this makes to a stir fry or any other dish

- Mon 14th Apr 2014

Try adding a small amount to a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make a great salad or noodle dressing.

Such a nice surprise - Thu 3rd Apr 2014

I didn't really know what to expect but it is creamy and semi-sweet, really highlights the flavour of a dish especially if there are semi-sweet veg involved like carrots and parsnips. Lovely accompaniment and adds sauce.

Clearspring white miso - Fri 19th Jul 2013

I was pleasantly surprised at how this adds a light refreshing flavour to so many dishes.

Clearspring Marukura Sweet White Miso - Sun 12th May 2013

This is a godsend for when I have vegans over for dinner! Great as the sauce fora vegetable and/or pasta bake, as a substitute for cream/creme fraiche in dips and spreads, and instead of cream in soups.

Try... - Wed 6th Jun 2012

Try making a dressing using sweet white miso, sesame oil, linseed oil, garlic and ginger.

- Thu 13th May 2010

Good quality salty sweet white miso. Lovely in a tahini miso garlic sauce with veg or with ground nuts for a live "cheese".


Sweet & creamy - Fri 18th Aug 2017

This is a wonderful miso for using in a sauce to give it sweetness and a creamy texture. Stir between 1 - 3 tablespoons in a bowl or cup with some of the liquid from what you are cooking, or some water, and add for the last 5 minutes of cooking.

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