ClearSpring Bamboo Sushi Mat

ClearSpring Bamboo Sushi Mat

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Sushi bamboo rolling mat essential for rolling your sushi rolls

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More about ClearSpring Bamboo Sushi Mat

If you are having a go at mastering hand made sushi a bamboo rolling mat is a valuable part of your kit. To roll sushi simply place a sheet of Sushi Nori, shiny side down, on the mat. Spread thinly with some wasbi paste (optional) then cover with cooked sushi rice leaving 1cm clear at the top. Make a small groove in the centre of the rice left to right and add your favourite fillings. Begin rolling the mat from the near edge. Roll firmly but not so hard as to make the filling come out the ends.

Other Information

Once the nori (seaweed wrapper), rice and filling are placed on top, the mats are used as a guide to create perfectly shaped rolls. See the video.

Approx size 24x20cm.


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