Sojade Natural with Bifidus 400g

Sojade Natural with Bifidus 400g

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Organic natural soya yogurt with bifidus.

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Soya drink* 99% (water, hulled soya beans* 9.2%(France)), selected live cultures of which Bifidus and Acidophilus

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 190kJ/46 kcal, Protein 4.5g, Carbohydrate 0g (of which sugars 0g), Fat 2.9g (of which saturates 0.4g), Fibre 1.0g, Omega 3 0.1g

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Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Sojade Natural with Bifidus 400g


Banana Yoghurt Smoothie - Tue 6th Sep 2011

Blend 2 chopped bananas, 200 g sojade natural yoghurt, 125 ml soya milk and 2 tbsp clear runny honey or agave nectar (adjust amount according to taste). Add 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon and adjust the consistency with extra milk or yoghurt if you wish. Blend again and serve immediately. Try also with ground ginger or nutmeg intead of cinnamon.

Celeriac Salad - Mon 5th Sep 2011

Peel 2 small celeriacs and chop into matchsticks. Cover immediately with the juice of 1 lemon to stop discolouring. Mix in 8 tbsp natural sojade , 2 tbsp mustard, 115 g toasted mixed seeds and some salt and pepper (to taste). Serve immediately.


- Mon 14th May 2018

Lovely yoghurt, fantastic price. Really excellent value wise.

Love it - Fri 16th Dec 2016

Taste very good, very healthy and nutritious, no sugar, lot of protein. It's an easy breakfast/lunch to bring at work and keep me filled!

- Wed 23rd Nov 2016

Good tasting and really creamy. Good for starter culture if making your own yoghurt.

Feedback - Tue 25th Oct 2016

Not only its smooth texture, this vegan yogurt tasted so good! Always the better choice.

Great yogurt - Wed 30th Mar 2016

This yogurt is delicious. Delivery was very quick. Very glad with my purchase.

Good value, tasty and wholesome - Sun 3rd Jan 2016

This is nice as it is if you like plain yoghurt, but I make an indulgent-but-healthy (hopefully!) chocolate-flavoured yoghurt by mixing in some fairtrade/organic cocoa plus some xylitol for sweetness - mmmmmmm!

Best Soy Natural Yoghurt - Fri 27th Nov 2015

This has eclipsed Provamel Yofu as my favourite soy yoghurt. The ingredients seem simpler and healthier and the quality and taste excellent. I am trying to limit my soy consumption now and this versatile beauty is one of the products I really miss. Perfect mixed with fruit, nuts and a swirl of honey or mashed with cocoa and banana for a chocolatey treat.

The Best Yoghurt - Wed 12th Nov 2014

I used to be more than happy with Provamel yoghurts until I discovered that they'd sold out to Dean Foods, the largest DAIRY company in the USA.

So I tried Sojade, and guess what? I prefer it! A pleasingly thick and sour taste - as good as any that I have tried. My favourite way to eat it (as is) is by mixing in some sweet chilli sauce to make a spicy, sweet 'n sour desert.

- Tue 4th Nov 2014

This is the best yoghurt you can even buy. ITs one of our best friends in the kitchen :) No additieves, non-GMO, plain pleasure and pure health.

Better than dairy - Thu 21st Aug 2014

This soya based 'yoghurt' is just right, I would say better in taste and texture than dairy. Lighter, creamier and so moreish! Delicious as a dessert over fresh berries with a drizzle of honey. The outer packaging is removal cardboard and so can be recycled. Great price too.

Natural and yummy - Fri 16th May 2014

Top marks for this yoghurt because it has a nice natural flavour, unlike many other 'natural' soya yoghurts which are sweetened with sugar

They finally did it! - Wed 23rd Apr 2014

Came up with a natural tasting and very convincing alternative to dairy plain yoghurt. It not only tastes very similar but it works well in dishes cooked and uncooked too, well done!

Delicious Flavour - Thu 10th Oct 2013

Fresh and wholesome Sojade Natural with Bifidus 400g can be eaten as it is or with cereal, or added to other yogurts, shakes/smoothies, ice-creams and in cooking both sweet and savoury foods eg. deserts/cakes, rice, pasta, curries, soups, breads/pancakes, sauces and as a topping on fruit salads- very versatile.

- Sun 7th Jul 2013

I absolutely love this yogurt- it is so nice to find a 'plain' soy yogurt which is not flavoured to be made sweet/dessert-like like another well known brand. This has a lovely mild, creamy and slightly sour taste to it. The only thing I would possibly like improved upon is to increase the thickness of the yogurt- there is definitely a captive market for a soy Greek-style (strained) yogurt (and not one just styled that way through gloopy thickeners.) Really versatile ingredient to have in house. Be aware that this product may arrive damaged upon delivery as the pots aren't the sturdiest- I lost 3/6 pots I ordered recently and had partially frozen yogurt plastered over my fresh dips and the rest of the cool box

- Mon 20th May 2013

This is the best soya yoghurt I have tried - delicious!

Very sour - Mon 11th Feb 2013

I tried this as an alternative to the Provamel, because it has very few ingredients, and no added sweetener at all - and you can tell. I find it extremely sour, though it is very thick and creamy. The main reason I buy it now is because it two different strains of bacteria to the Provamel, so I feel like I'm doing my body a favour!

Yummy Yoghourt - Tue 9th Oct 2012

Quite the very best soy yoghourt out there.
Thick, smooth, tangy and best of all, all natural - no added sweeteners or thickeners needed. Just needs a little stirring on opening.
I like mine with apple crumble!

Sojade Natural - Mon 7th Nov 2011

The BEST tasting soya alternative to yoghurt available anywhere. It has a very authentic tang and creamy texture. I use it in smoothies and in dressings as well as just eating straight out of the tub.


Nausia - Thu 12th Feb 2015

I absolutely love this yogurt and whenever I feel sick this always settles my stomach. I would certainly recommend it for that alone.

- Sat 11th May 2013

These don't travel well and I had many broken pots arriving. I recommend the 250g pots as I found they almost always arrive in perfect condition.

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