Vbites Making Waves Fish Style Fingers (6)  215g

Vbites Making Waves Fish Style Fingers (6) 215g

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6 gourmet vegan breaded fish style fingers

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More about Vbites Making Waves Fish Style Fingers (6)

Redwood fish syle fingers are a quick and easy veggie meal, great for kids and adults. Delicious with crispy oven chips, peas and tartar sauce.

Cooking Instructions

To Fry: Add a little oil to the pan and cook for approximately 3 minutes on each side on a medium heat until crisp and golden brown
To Grill: Pre-heat grill to a medium heat and cook for about 12 minutes, turning occasionally until crisp and golden.
To oven Bake: Pre-heat oven to 220°C/425°F/Gas mark 7. Place on a pre-heated tray and cook for 15 minutes until golden brown (for fan assisted ovens, reduce cooking time according to manufacturer's handbook


Water, breadcrumb coating (wheat flour, rapeseed oil, water, salt, yeast), soya protein, rapeseed oil, wheat starch, ground flax, salt, onion powder, natural flavouring, thickener: carrageenan, preservative: potassium sorbate

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 964kJ/231kcal, Protein 14.9g, Carbohydrate 16.9g (of which sugars 0.6g), Fat 11.2g (of which saturates 1.4g), Fibre 0.9g, Sodium 0.7g.


Contains soya and wheat

Other Information

Suitable for home freezing

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Kosher, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Vbites Making Waves Fish Style Fingers (6) 215g


- Fri 28th Oct 2016

My kids love these!

Fantastic! - Thu 8th Oct 2015

I made Fish and Chips, a fantastic product, don't know how they do it but it works, great texture

- Thu 27th Feb 2014

I love these fish fingers, I will never miss the 'real' thing; they taste just perfect.

- Thu 27th Feb 2014

I will never miss 'real' fish fingers again. To me these taste just like the real thing.

Convincing substitute - Sat 14th Dec 2013

These are very convincing alternative to actual fish fingers - though I don't have them as an alternative for that, I just like them as is for the sake of it because they're very tasty and go perfectly with classic British things like chips and beans or any fry up. Great for when you have a craving for a stodgy meal but much healthier!

- Mon 2nd Dec 2013

The kids wanted to try these as they have never had fish fingers. They were underwhelmed by them, the adults ended up eating them, they were okay, don't know if we would buy them again though, we never ate fish fingers before so can't compare them.

- Thu 4th Jul 2013

These are great, delicious served with chips and baked beans.

Brilliant. - Fri 3rd May 2013

I'm so thankful for alternatives like these 'fishless' fingers. Before I stopped eating any meat I had a serious addiction to fish, but these really do the trick. I no longer crave 'the real thing' since discovering redwoods. :)

Amazing... veggie fish finger sandwich heaven - Tue 30th Apr 2013

I am addicted to these, nice mild flavour and good texture. Great with a bit of melted toffuti and some harissa in a sandwich.

Really great fishless fingers. - Sun 2nd Sep 2012

I've never eaten real fish fingers, so I can't compare to the real thing - but these have a really nice texture inside and go nice a crispy.
They have a definitely different taste and texture to mock chicken products (which is good as they are meant to be fish!) -it is nice for variety, as I tend to steer clear of the mock fish stuff - I think the makers struggled for a while to make mock fish edible!
I like to eat them with peas, and mini waffles!
These are definitely worth a try - even my meat eating brother, who stole one off the cooking tray thinking it was a meat fish finger! - said it was 'tasty for vegetarian food! =)

Great for a quick meal - Fri 25th Mar 2011

Redwood Making Waves Fish-Style Fingers were the first fish alternative I tried since becoming vegan. I really like them, and was surprised by how 'fishy' they taste. The texture reminded me a little more of a chicken nugget though (the reason for losing 1 star!). These are great to have in the fridge for a quick-fix meal.

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