Tim's Dairy Natural Greek Style Yoghurt 200g

Tim's Dairy Natural Greek Style Yoghurt 200g

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Greek style bio live natural yogurt.

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More about Tim's Dairy Natural Greek Style Yoghurt

Tims Dairy Limited from Buckinghamshire is celebrating after winning a double whammy of prestigious 2011 Great Taste Awards. The family run dairy, with over 60 years of yogurt heritage, has been presented with coveted one-star Gold Great Taste Awards for two of its fresh, healthy yogurts – Greek style natural yogurt and Greek style yogurt with honey – a fantastic achievement.

Made with a combination of fresh milk and cream this luscious, thick and smooth yogurt is how Greek style yogurt should taste – sharp & ‘yogurty’ ! Delicious on its own, served with fruit and honey, used as a luxurious topping for any dessert or as an ingredient in sauces and dips, this is an essential stock item for your refrigerator. A bio-live yogurt, to be eaten as part of a healthy diet, it’s made using the active bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus - plus probiotic Bifidobacterium.


Natural Greek style bio yogurt (100%)

Nutritional Information

Typical values Per 100g
Energy 565kJ/136kcal, Protein 5.9g, Carbohydrate 5.1g, of which sugars 5.1g, Fat 10.0g, of which saturates 5.9g, Fibre 0.0g, Sodium 0.09g, Calcium 0.13g

Other Information

Tim's Dairy yogurt is fresh, healthy and live and is made using natural ingredients with no artificial colours, additives or preservatives and is GMO free.

They use fresh milk and cream combined with natural fruit compotes to create luxuriously tasty Greek style yogurts, wholemilk yogurts and low fat yogurts.

Suitable for vegetarians

Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Tim's Dairy Natural Greek Style Yoghurt 200g


- Fri 1st Apr 2011

Pea and Tarragon Soup

With flavours that evoke springtime freshness this is ideal for lunch with a nice fresh loaf of your favourite bread.

Serves 4


* 3 tablespoons of rapeseed or extra-virgin olive oil plus more for drizzling
* 1 medium white onion, finely chopped
* Salt and pepper
* 500g petits pois
* 1 litre chicken or vegetable stock
* 7 sprigs of tarragon
* 200g Tims Dairy Greek Style Natural Yogurt

Saute the onions in the oil over a medium heat with salt and pepper. When they are well softened add the peas and stir through. Pull off the leaves from the sprigs of tarragon and add to the pan. Discard the stems. Add the stock and cook for ten to fifteen minutes until the peas are soft. Use a stick blender or liquidiser to puree the soup. Serve in warm bowls dressed with Tims Dairy natural yogurt and a dash of good extra-virgin olive oil.


- Mon 25th Aug 2014

Can be used as a tasty thickener for soups or sauces or even mixed into the ingredients of ice cream or milkshakes to enhance the flavour and texture even more.

Protein Punch - Mon 3rd Feb 2014

Greek yoghurt is higher in protein than the regular variety. Delicious too. Good with banana after a gym session for rapid muscle healing.

Tzatziki - Sun 10th Feb 2013

Mix Greek style yoghurt with crushed garlic, grated cucumber, fresh lemon juice and black pepper. Good as a dip.


Try... - Wed 20th Jun 2012

Try mixing 2 tbsp green or red pesto into 100 ml Greek natural yogurt for a dip.

Mango Tango - Sun 8th Apr 2012

Try chopping up a mango, covering with Greek yogurt and sprinkling over some crushed ginger snap biscuits for an easy dessert.

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