Provamel Organic Natural Soya Sugar Free 500g

Provamel Organic Natural Soya Sugar Free 500g

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Organic natural soya yofu dessert from Provamel.

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Provamel's thick, creamy natural soya yofu dessert an alternative to yogurt which is perfect for people who favour organic produce, follow vegetarian or vegan diets, have lactose intolerance or cow's milk protein allergy.


Water, hulled soya beans 9.4%, tapioca syrup, stabilisers: pectin & agar, sea salt, acidity regulator: citric acid, selected cultures: S.thermophilus & L.bulgaricus.

Nutritional Information

per 100g
Energy 248kj/59kcal, protein 4.7g, carbohydrates 2.8g of which sugars 2.3g, fat 2.7g of which saturates 0.5g, mono-unsaturates 0.6g, polyunsaturates 1.6g of which linoleic acid (omega 6) 1.45g, alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3) 0.18g, fibre 0.8g, sodium 0.07g, equivalent as salt 0.18g

Dairy Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Provamel Organic Natural Soya Sugar Free 500g


Apricot & Plum Smoothie - Sun 9th Sep 2012

Cover 6 ready-to-eat dried apricots with boiling water and leave to cool. Stone 4 plums and squeeze 2 oranges. When ready, blend the apricots, the soaking water, the plums and the orange juice until smooth. Add 500 g Provamel natural yofu and blend again. Serve in 4 glasses.

Banana & Cardamom Parfait - Tue 19th Jul 2011

Chop 3 large ripe bananas and blend with 400 ml Provamel natural yofu and a pinch of ground cardamom until smooth. Add extra sweetness with agave nectar if you wish. Pour the mixture into 4 small ramekins, cover with cling film and freeze for 2-3 hours. Serve with slices of fresh mango.


- Sun 6th Nov 2016

Love this yogurt, use it as it is and also for baking to reduce the fat e.g. when I make gluten and dairy free lemon drizzle or Apple drizzle cakes I replace half of the fat with this yogurt. It is also lovely churned with fresh fruit e.g. blueberries to make yogurt 've cream'

Enjoyable - Fri 27th Nov 2015

This is a nice soy yoghurt with added cultures for a healthy snack. I rate this product, but would recommend the Solje brand for simpler ingredients and a more satisfying neutral taste that you can flavour as you please. In short good, but not the best.

- Thu 2nd Jul 2015

My new favourite breakfast, or snack!, is a bowl of Alara into the garden very berry muesli mixed with 1-2 tsp of raw cocoa powder, add a big handful of fresh raspberries and blueberries then top with a few tablespoons of this yoghurt, delicious.

- Mon 18th May 2015

Just gave up dairy wasn't sure about soya as a substitute but I really liked this.

- Thu 20th Feb 2014

Try making a banana smoothie, 1 ripe banana, some plain soya milk and 2-3 large spoonfuls of soya yoghurt, blend awhile until creamy and frothy, yummy.

- Fri 22nd Nov 2013

I wanted to make naan bread, but the recipe needs yoghurt, being vegan I thought I would try this brand, it worked really well. The tub is large and keeps for a few days after opening. It also makes a good Raita, an Indian dip using yoghurt.

Delicious! - Mon 14th Oct 2013

So good to get a dairy free yogurt which tastes so nice. I have it with tinned fruit in juice and it is really yummy.

Excellent! - Mon 14th Oct 2013

Great for both cooking and eating uncooked, it retains its flavour when cooked and have a very nice refreshing taste if uncooked.

- Sun 7th Jul 2013

This is a nice, properly 'plain'-tasting yogurt. I prefer the Sojade natural over this however, both in terms of creaminess and this yogurt tests to separate from the whey more.

Very Useful - Sat 29th Jun 2013

This is a great plain yogurt and easy to use in many ways, I like to add it to smoothies, put some on top of chopped bananas or strawberries or add a couple of spoonfuls to some homemade cauliflower soup after blended. Very useful.

- Thu 18th Apr 2013

This is a really great alternative to natural dairy yoghurt. I'd be surprised if most people could taste a big difference, but then it has been a while for me! I prefer this to alpro simply because it doesn't contain sugar, which is a plus. This then gives you the option to sweeten it in your own way if necessary (ie. eating with fresh/dried fruit, agave nectar etc.) Great with granola etc, and works really well in dressings.

Awesome - Thu 14th Feb 2013

I bought this after tasting and enjoying the smaller Provamel fruit yofus, I had been and still am impressed at the convincing texture they managed to make and so decided to buy some plain yoghurt. They've really outdone themselves and I can see this being a staple in my fridge - so far I've used it to make sweet creams for cakes and am looking forward to using some in savoury dishes, particularly Indian dishes which have been quite difficult to cook in vegan style. I've had some with naan bread, after adding some chilli powder to it and it was delicious so I can feel an Indian feast coming on!

Best soya yoghurt - Mon 11th Feb 2013

I really love this stuff, though it consistency can be a bit inconsistent - sometimes it's very thick and creamy, and others it's more fluid. Either way, it has a really nice, refreshing, yoghurty taste, and not too sweet or sour. I used to eat Alpro but then found that the sugar in it caused me problems, so I changed to this one. Initially I found it extremely sour, compared to the Alpro, but quickly got used to it, and now wouldn't go back. I also find it much nicer than the dairy yoghurt I used to eat.

Pesto Potato Salad - Sun 10th Feb 2013

Pesto Potato Salad - Sat 1st Oct 2011
Boil new potatoes in their skins, leave to cool and chop. Mix 1 tbsp pesto with 2 tbsp natural yofu and mix with potatoes. Top with chopped chives and spring onions.

Delightful, delicious, delovely - Tue 20th Dec 2011

Absolutely bowled over by how yummy this is - no way do I feel deprived in my new restricted diet with goodies like this one :)

I mixed some with a little agave syrup, a couple of drops of vanilla essence and a generous handful of blueberries - mmmm :) (easily as good as those 'corners' we all see in the regular shops)

There is a good week on the use by date too which is important since I am on my own and can't eat it all in one go.

This is definitely a winner in my book and I will be getting it again.. and again.. :)

Excellent - Sat 12th Nov 2011

This is probably the best natural soya yoghurt I've tried. As usual, good old Provamel have come out top of the league. It is lovely and creamy, with a uniform texture and is free of the 'cardboard' taste of some soya products. It is perfect in savoury and sweet dishes. The taste of course is completely different to cows' milk yoghurt, and may well appeal to those who dislike the 'sharp' taste of the latter products, such as children. It is also really natural, with no added nasties.

- Sat 19th Feb 2011

I was over-joyed to find these soya yogurts, as I'd been doing without yogurt for ages, and really missed it. The texture is similar to regular yogurt. The taste is slightly different, perhaps a little nutty, and is delicious.

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