Clearspring Organic Tofu Soft & Silken 300g

Clearspring Organic Tofu Soft & Silken 300g

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Although you can keep this Tofu in your kitchen cupboard until you really need it, it has the 'just made taste' of fresh Tofu. This is not due to any chemical additives or preservatives but the result of knowledge, processes and experience of its Japanese master producer.

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More about Clearspring Organic Tofu Soft & Silken

Commended in The Soil Association Organic Food Awards 2011!

Cut it, fry it, mash it, marinate it, boil it, Tofu is a very versatile ingredient. From soups to smoothies, it can be used in savoury as well as in sweet dishes. Try preparing Tofu with these delicious recipes.

If you are on a vegan/ vegetarian diet or simply want to reduce your meat intake, Tofu is an easy and popular source of protein. It is also low fat, lactose and gluten free.

Made without using any soy protein isolates, artificial water-retaining coagulants, GM soy or preservatives, this uniques protein rich food has the potential to change the way we view Tofu in the UK.

Serving Suggestion

Clearspring organic tofu is so good, you can eat it straight out of the pack: just add a dribble of Clearspring organic tamari soya sauce, a little grated ginger, and some thinly sliced spring onion for a simple, delicious and healthy dish.


Clearspring Organic Tofu is made with just three ingredients:
Whole soya beans that are fully traceable and EU certified, Spring water from Mount Fuji and Nigari, a naturally occurring mineral rich coagulant

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 268kJ/64kcal, Protein 6.8g, Carbohydrate 1.9g, of which sugars 1.3g, fat 3.0g, of which saturates 0.6g, mono unsaturates 1.5g, poly unsaturates 0.8g, cholesterol 0.0mg, Fibre 1.1g, Sodium trace, Magnesium 83.6mg.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clearspring Organic Tofu Soft & Silken 300g


Great for salad dressing - Fri 15th May 2015

Blend with pure water, garlic, chopped dates, fresh garden herbs and lemon juice for a super salad dressing with a 'yoghurty' feel. Smooth, creamy and delicious!

Scrambled Tofu - Fri 6th Dec 2013

This is an easy way to make a scrambled egg style tofu.
1 block of tofu.
Dash of Tamari.
Half a teaspoon of turmeric.
Half a teaspoon of mustard powder.
Salt and pepper, enough to suit your taste.
Olive oil for frying.
Heat up the oil in a large pan, add the tofu and break it up with a fork until it resembles scrambled egg.
Add the mustard, turmeric and tamari, fry until it is piping hot and looks like scrambled egg.
Season with salt and pepper.

- Sat 15th Oct 2011

Delicious, used this tofu to make non-dairy yoghurt, along with a small tub of organic fruit purée (any flavour you fancy) and some vanilla... Yum!


Terrible! - Sat 10th Jun 2017

This is terrible stuff! It's like jelly which is off-putting if you don't like that kind of texture. It also doesn't drain properly as the water soaks into the tofu. Definately will not be buying this again.

Very Nice Tofu! - Sun 3rd Jul 2016

I initally bought this tofu to try in a scrambled tofu recipe and when I opened it I thought it may be too sloppy but actually it worked great. It absorbed the flavours of my other ingredients really well. I definately recommend it.

Organic Tofu Firm & Silken - Tue 22nd Dec 2015

Good used as a egg replacement for scramble. Works well making vegan mayo.

Good for Snacking - Sat 28th Nov 2015

I love to fry firm tofu strips in soy sauce and sesame, but this one lends itself better to being mashed with a fork and fried like scrambled egg. It creates a lovely fluffy snack great with stir fried veg or crunchy tossed salad. Not my favourite tofu, but an enjoyable product.

- Fri 2nd Oct 2015

A store cupboard essential. I keep at least 6 in at once. Transfer to fridge for a few hours before using if you are making something chilled. Blends beautifully with other ingredients to make silky smooth and creamy dressings.

Great quality tofu - Mon 21st Sep 2015

This tofu is the only brand I use now. I love that it is organic and it has a lovely texture too. My husband (who is not vegan!) loves it when I make this tofu as a breakfast scramble. Simply fry some onion, garlic, ginger and add a few squirts of tomato puree, a few pinches of sea salt/ground cumin/cayenne pepper. Heat up some tortilla wraps and add some mashed avocado mixed with lemon juice, spinach leaves, cucumber and diced sweet red peppers. Add the tofu scramble and wrap the tortilla up for a filling breakfast burrito. Lovely!

- Sat 11th Jul 2015

I use this in place of eggs in a quiche and it worked amazingly. I only buy organic tofu so this was the perfect choice for me.

- Sat 6th Jun 2015

I love this in nori wraps. Just lay out a raw nori sheet and spread the lower half with mashed tofu. Top with cucumber, spring onion and alfalfa and roll up carefully. Enjoy the whole lot yourself, or slice into mini rolls to share as part of a mixed roll-up platter.

- Mon 27th Apr 2015

Blends very well to make desserts and sauces.

Good enough to eat unaccompanied - Sat 26th Apr 2014

This tofu is so good I can eat it straight out of the box. A lovely texture- much more like that traditional Japanese silken tofus I have sampled in the past. Not only does it not have that bean-y taste I can sometimes detect in the Mori Nu version, rather than being tasteless this tofu actually has a mild, pleasant taste of it's own. Great when blended, mashed or used as is

- Mon 14th Apr 2014

Good quality tofu at a reasonable price, cooked easily and tasted great.

Definitely Silken - Thu 19th Dec 2013

I wouldn't call this firm at all but silken and as silken it's perfect for any kind of blending e.g. as an egg replacer or for soft thickening in desserts. In those cases it has a wonderful texture and compliments the surrounding flavours.

- Fri 27th Sep 2013

Love this for making chocolate mousse

Superb! - Sun 7th Jul 2013

This is by far the nicest silken tofu I have yet to sample- certainly amongst the prepackaged versions. There is no overpowering soybean taste from this product as there is with one of the other major brands of silken tofu, also the consistency is, yes, silkier and less rubbery. I even eat this tofu straight out of the packet when I'm in a rush, so that says something about the taste and texture! Thus I find that I am not fighting to overpower the bean-y taste when I use silken tofu in recipes, and my quiches, mousses and cheesecakes have a creamier, less rubbery texture. Highly recommend!

Clearspring Organic Tofu Firm & Silken - Wed 15th May 2013

I always find it a bit strange when people say the don't like tofu... there's such a vast array of things that you can do with it, and although this one has a particularly lovely, nutty taste, it carries other flavours wonderfully.

nutty tofu - Mon 13th May 2013

This is a great tasting nutty protein, great with salad or stir-fries

Superfood - Fri 11th Jan 2013

A true superfood, tofu is extremely versatile and can be used in a huge variety of recipies. Absorbs flavours superply. An excellent source of 'complete' protein. Like all soya products, it has potent anti-cancer properties. Free from saturated fat, and unlike animal proteins, it is cholesterol lowering and helps reduce high blood-pressure. Also contains fibre. Excellent for hormonl health and good for combating menopausal symptoms.

Good for Me Vegan Protein - Fri 30th Nov 2012

Beautiful Clearspring Organic Silken Tofu just the ticket for a variety of sweet or savory dishes. Perfect for desserts, sweets, drinks, soups. Slice it, dice it, chop it, smash it or fry/boil, bake. Perfect and Versatile just add it to any vegetable/fruit and add some herbs/spices/different oils, condiments to enhance different flavours. A mouth watering Tofu for a quick snack/treat or meal.

- Fri 10th Aug 2012

I used this for the first time for a vegan quiche recipe. This product was creamy and chopped easily. The quiche was lovely and firm.

- Sun 24th Jun 2012

I would not recommend it for frying as its very crumbly and soft, but its best for desserts and esp smoothies which iI really enjoyed when I ran out of greek yoghurt, very creamy. Also makes a nice scramble tofu dish.

- Wed 11th Jan 2012

A really handy ingredient to have in the store cupboard, and great that it's organic. I think it's key to note it's silken tofu, so the texture is really suited to be used blended or crumbled in recipes, it's not firm enough to just cut up and add to stir fries etc.

clearspring organic tofu - Tue 10th Jan 2012

Excellent to keep in the cupboard as a useful standby. Rather soft for frying crisply as it tends to break up, but well worth the effort of turning it gently.

- Wed 28th Dec 2011

Very handy long life pack. Great for cooking with in deserts or in miso soup

Clearspring Organic Tofu Firm & Silken 300g - Sun 31st Jul 2011

Absolutely delicious tofu, nicely set, and creamy with a mild flavour - perfect for soups, smoothies and desserts. Highly recommended.

- Thu 7th Apr 2011

Works a treat as a cheesecake topping, or for any dairy-free dessert you can think of. Far better in taste and quality than any other tofu I've used.


- Sun 1st Dec 2013

Best tofu I have ever had.

For frying: carefully drain off the liquid, slide out onto kitchen paper towel, pat dry, slice or cube and fry as normal.

Try... - Sat 8th Sep 2012

Try making a marinade using orange juice, maple syrup and tamari.

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