Biona Organic Spring Rolls 220g

Biona Organic Spring Rolls 220g

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Ready to eat- hot or cold.

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Serving Suggestion

Heat lightly in a pan til golden brown. Also delicious eaten cold.


White cabbage, sprouts, carrots, tofu, leek, sesame seeds, soya sauce, sunflower oil, spices, sea salt, dough: wheat flour, water, seasalt.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values per 100g- Energy 958kJ/229kcal, Fat 12.5g, Protein 5.1g, Carbohydrate 24.1g

Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Biona Organic Spring Rolls 220g


- Thu 17th Dec 2015

Spring rolls are one of my favourite foods so its good to find some organic ones. I find whichever spring roll I have eaten over the years they are too oily to heat them by frying, I always warm them in oven till slightly crispy, helps with oil and then just dab the rest with paper. These were not all that oily I didn't feel, just right and very tasty. Good they are organic and vegan and also with having tofu in them. I was imagining be little chunks of tofu but its small minced up bits with the vegetables, which is still yummy. They have a very natural taste and seasoned just right so brings out flavours yet not overpowering like some are. I will definitely be buying these again. They are quite expensive but I feel well worth it even if just for a treat. Highly recommended.

- Sat 2nd Nov 2013

Very healthy spring rolls filled with nutrition. Would like a bit more spice in them to give them a kick.

- Tue 23rd Oct 2012

It's been said before but these were very oily! At least it makes them go really crispy in the pan... but a bit more filling and a thinner pastry would have been better still. However, Biona stuff is always pretty good

Yum! - Sun 1st Mar 2009

These spring rolls are absolutely delicious! I am probably only repeating the previous review, but most of what they said, I can entirely agree with. I wouldn't recommend eating these cold - they don't compare to how nice they taste after being cooked, but similarly I do find the wrap very oily and therefore pressed it with kitchen roll every five minutes during cooking. This way you still get a delicious roll. Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside - just less oily. =)

Biona Organic spring Rolls - Sat 30th Aug 2008

These Biona Spring Rolls are very very tasty and are not too spicy. I prefer them hot because I find that the process of heating them allows the flavours to be released making a much tastier roll. My only dissatisfaction with the spring rolls is that I find the wrap rather oily, however I deal this problem by wrapping it in kitchen paper to obsorb the excess oil, after it has heated.

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