Alpro Soya Fresh 1ltr

Alpro Soya Fresh 1ltr

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Soya drink with added calcium and vitamins

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More about Alpro Soya Fresh

Alpro Soya Fresh is full of plant based soya goodness with added vitamins and calcium. As it is lactose free it is more easily digestible.

Great on your breakfast cereal, in hot drinks and use in baking. Add it to your favourite smoothie!


Water, Hulled SOYA beans (8%), Sugar, Acidity regulators (Monopotassium phosphate, Dipotassium phosphate), Calcium (Calcium carbonate), Flavouring, Sea salt, Stabiliser (Gellan gum), Vitamins (Riboflavin (B2), B12, D2)

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

161kJ/39kcal, Fat 1.8g of which saturates 0.3g, Carbohydrates 2.5g of which sugar 2.5g, Fibre 0.5g, Protein 3.0g, Salt 0.06g,

Other Information

Manufacturer's Address

Made in the EU for Alpro (UK) Ltd


NN15 5YT

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Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Alpro Soya Fresh 1ltr


Blueberry Breakfast Pancakes - Mon 11th Feb 2013

Make pancakes with 200 g self raising flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 300 ml alpro soya fresh, 1 egg and 75 g blueberries. Serve topped with extra blueberries and a dollop of natural yofu.

Banana & Almond Smoothie - Mon 18th Jul 2011

Blend 1 ripe banana with 300 ml ice-cold Alpro soya milk, 15 g ground almonds and a pinch of ground cinnamon. Sweeten further with agave nectar if you wish.


Nice flavour - Sat 30th Apr 2016

Just a lovely soya milk to drink alone, on cereal or in hot drinks simple as that!!!

- Fri 25th Apr 2014

Great product. I used for cooking. Made Goats cheese sauce using this and pure butter, great result.

- Mon 14th Oct 2013

After years of using Oatly in tea, porridge etc., I decided to try soya milk instead as it has slightly less sugar. I was pleasantly surprised - tea tastes OK. I do still find at the moment that I need a mixture of Oatly and Soya milk for porridge as I'm gradually getting used to the change. My only criticism is that it has a slight aftertaste for me.

- Mon 23rd Sep 2013

A great tasting Vegan alternative to dairy milk, perfect to use in tea, on cereals, in sauces, makes great fruit smoothies or just enjoyed on its own in a glass straight from the fridge.

- Mon 28th Jan 2013

Alpro is my favourite soya milk. It works great in tea and is just a little sweet. I like it on my cereals, too.

Alpro soya shakes/dessert - Wed 2nd Apr 2008

Alpro soya is a great alternative to those who do not consume dairy products such as milk.
I love the chocolate shake and dessert.
Taste so yummy and is filling with all the good vitamins..I recommend you try it.
I have to try the strawberry shake next!!!

- Tue 8th May 2007

I would just like to say how pleasantly surprised I was trying soya milk after a long time (19 years ago) When my son was a baby we was allergic to cows milk, so he had to have soya milk, which at that time tasted horrible!!!!!. I decided to try Alpro Soya Milk recently and found that it now has a great taste, very creamy but low fat, slightly sweeter than milk though. I enjoyed it so much I will now use it in the future.


Many uses - Fri 13th Dec 2013

Has a plain but creamy texture that is perfect to make smoothies with or where dairy cream is needed can be used in things like soups or sauces. It is even possible to substitute buttermilk with this by mixing some vinegar in and allowing to stand for a few minutes until thickens and sours.

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