Violife Pizza Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices 200g

Violife Pizza Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices 200g

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An excellent alternative to dairy cheese, this vegan alternative features a unique pizza flvour.

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More about Violife Pizza Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices

The excellent alternative on bread and rolls – readily cut into slices. Violife is a firm textured cheese with a buttery, pizza flavour. It is really well suited for sandwiches, crackers or eating on its own. 10 Slices
Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
Dairy Free
Lactose Free
Soya Free
Palm Oil Free
Gluten Free


Water, Vegetable oil (23%), Modified Starch, Starch,Sea Salt, vegan flavour (contain celery products), polypenols, colour: b-carotene

Nutritional Information

Per 100g
Energy; 1190kJ/285kcal, Fat; 23g, of which Saturates; 21g, Carbohydrates; 20g, of which Sugars; 0g, Protein; 0g, Salt; 2.8g

Per Slice (20g)
Energy; 238kJ/57kcal, Fat; 4.6g, of which Saturates; 4.2g, Carbohydrates; 4g, of which Sugars; 0g, Protein; 0g, Salt; 0.6g

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Violife Pizza Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices 200g


BRILLIANT - Sat 14th Jan 2017

In Violife I have found a brand of vegetarian cheese that I actually enjoy, and this flavour is one of the best ones. Realistic pizza flavouring is so tasty and enjoyable, and I am looking forward to trying this out in lots of different recipes. Nice either cold or melted.

- Sat 26th Sep 2015

Delicious, and it actually tastes of pizza!

Weird but Delicious! - Sun 23rd Aug 2015

It might sound strange - a faux cheese with a pizza flavour - but these slices are really tasty! Generally, I think Violife makes one of the best cheese alternatives - the texture is excellent and they satisfy any cheese withdrawal.
The pizza flavour slices are great in a sandwich or melted on pasta.

Pizza flavour Cheese Slices - Sat 25th Jul 2015

Unfortunately these weren't for me. I was expecting pizza flavour but it was just a smokey flavour which wasn't nice.

- Fri 15th May 2015

Pizza flavour has a different texture to the others as it's designed to melt better on pizza. The melting properties aren't great but it tastes lovely. We rip up the slices to put on pizza or use them in burgers. This is also great as a block cut into cubes.

Distinct - Thu 22nd Jan 2015

This has a distinct flavour that I liked the taste of, not sure it's for everybody but I thought it was tasty and quite hard to describe - a taste the builds up in your mouth and is quite unique.

Tasty - Thu 24th Apr 2014

This is one of my favourite vegan cheeses. It doesn't taste like pizza - it reminds me of bavarian smoked cheese, but it's lovely!

I can have pizza again - Wed 23rd Apr 2014

Yay I've found a cheese slice that I like on pizza well impressed

- Mon 21st Apr 2014

All the Veganic Violife cheese we have tried is lovely, really nice that is is soya free. The only vegan cheese we now buy.

Love this cheese - Fri 21st Feb 2014

Although it doesn't taste like 'pizza' it has a distinct taste & I love it on toast or with crispbread. It is such a treat to have a vegan chesse that is free from gluten & yeast.

Interesting - Fri 13th Dec 2013

I wasn't sure what it meant by 'pizza flavour' - I imagined these tasted good on pizzas but they don't melt as well as a couple of others brands I've tried, their taste is nice though.


- Wed 2nd Sep 2015

Wasn't for me. Reminds me of animal products.. like smokey bacon. I think the 'pizza flavour' is not the right way to describe this cheese.

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