Violife Tomato & Basil Vegan Cheese Slices 200g

Violife Tomato & Basil Vegan Cheese Slices 200g

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An excellent alternative to dairy cheese, this vegan alternative is flavoured with tomato and basil.

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More about Violife Tomato & Basil Vegan Cheese Slices

The excellent alternative on bread and rolls – readily cut into slices. Violife is a firm textured cheese with a buttery, tomato and basil flavour. It is really well suited for sandwiches, crackers or eating on its own. 10 Slices
Palm Oil Free


Water, coconut oil (23%), modified starch, tomato juice(9%), starch, sea salt, basil, vegan tomato and basil flavour, polyphenols.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g
Energy; 1197kJ/286kcal, Fat; 23g of which Saturates 21g, Carbohydrates 20g, of which Sugars 1g, Protein 0.3g, Salt 2.3g


Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Violife Tomato & Basil Vegan Cheese Slices 200g


Lovely - Fri 11th Nov 2016

I doubt I will ever find a vegan cheese worthy of 5 stars, but these slices are lovely, and the tomato and basil flavouring is really nice. Not tried melting it on toast yet, but in a sandwhich with a bit of cucumber and spring onions, had a nice lunch today.

- Mon 19th Oct 2015

Awesome. Violife is the best vegan cheese and this is really flavoursome. I also recommend the hot pepper and olive flavours!

- Mon 11th May 2015

I've ordered a selection of Vehanic Violife cheeses including this flavour three times in a row. They taste better that milk cheeses, have a similar texture, without the strange sweet aftertaste often found in soy cheeses. Imho these are the best diary-free cheeses you can get.

My fave - Thu 22nd Jan 2015

My favourite of the Violife slices, has a richer, tangier taste and does indeed go well spaghetti or pasta imo.

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