Violife Original Sliced Vegan Cheese 200g

Violife Original Sliced Vegan Cheese 200g

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Gluten, dairy and soya free sliced cheese.

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More about Violife Original Sliced Vegan Cheese

Violife vegan cheese from Greece is an excellent vegan alternative to your standard cheddar. Ideal as a filler in sandwiches or on the side of a salad, this vegan cheese is also soya and gluten free.


Water, coconut oil (23%), modified starch, starch, sea salt, vegan flavours, polyphenols, colour: b-carotene.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1190kJ/285kcal, Fat 23g, of which saturates 21g, Carbohydrates 20g, of which sugars 0g, Protein 0g, Salt 2.8g.

Other Information

Free from palm oil

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free

Customer reviews - Violife Original Sliced Vegan Cheese 200g


Newbie vegan approves - Wed 12th Apr 2017

This is the first vegan cheese I have tried, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much, I thought that at best I'll be eating something that tastes fake, but this wasn't the case at all. The first surprise was smelling it - It smells like any other Cheddar. Then came the eating. It's lovely. If you like Edam, Emmental (leeardammer) etc then this is the one for you. Not just pleasantly surprised, I'm amazed! I now can throw any newbie vegan worries about cheese out the window. I'm going to try it melted on some toast over the coming week!

Violife vegan cheese - Mon 9th Jan 2017

I am giving this product 1 star for every gram of protein it contains. Considereing that vegans have to find their protein distributed in small amounts across a variety of foods, I find it is irresponsible of this company to not include any protein at all in what is normally considered to be a high protein food source. It's hardly a good advert to veggies or omnivores to go vegan. They could easily have added some pea or soy protein to this without affecting taste or texture greatly. Made of nothing but processed starch & fat, it must of necessity be classed as total junk food along with crisps.

Violife cheese - Wed 12th Oct 2016

I've only tried one vegan cheese before this and wasn't impressed. I bought this thinking it would probably go in the bin like the other one I tried. I LOVE it! Had it melted on ryvita this morning, and for me it's as good as dairy cheese.

- Fri 15th Jan 2016

My favourite vegan cheese. Tastes great, perfect on omelettes or pizzas or toast! Melts easily and evenly. Fairly healthy too!

Taste so good - Sun 10th Jan 2016

I am a very newbie vegan and this is the first vegan cheese I have tried and I don't need to try any other! In my opinion it's very similar to mild cheddar cheese but tastes better!

- Sun 27th Sep 2015

This is the only cheese we buy, good flavour, texture and a nice sized pack

great alternative - Wed 2nd Sep 2015

I loved this cheese. I honestly can't tell much of a difference when I have it in a sandwhich etc. I also really like the fact it is made with coconut oil instead of 'vegetable oils'.

- Mon 18th May 2015

My favourite vegan cheese by far I use it in salads, sandwiches and by eating it straight from the packet

- Tue 21st Apr 2015

Delicious, melts really well on rye bread to make cheese on toast, goes great on ryvitas and oatcakes with ploughman's chutney or eaten straight from the packet.

perfect - Wed 18th Mar 2015

The ultimate in vegan cheese. Soft cheesy taste that doesn't taste like chemistry. 5*

Vio life cheese - Mon 9th Mar 2015

This really does taste like cheese and my daughter can't have egg, dairy, soya, gluten or oats so this is the best and only alternative to cheese. She loves the taste.

Great - Mon 16th Feb 2015

This vegan cheese is lovely, both melted and straight out of the packet.

Fantastic!!! - Sat 22nd Nov 2014

The best vegan cheese I have ever had great texture and after taste is just like dairy cheese

- Fri 21st Feb 2014

My dairy and soya free sons really like this cheese, especially being able to eat a cheese at all! I found it nice too and I am able to eat normal cheese. I would not choose to melt it because it doesn't taste as nice, but its great that it does melt well. Overall very impressed

Best Dairy/Soya free cheese - Mon 17th Feb 2014

Brilliant cheese compared with others I have tried. Also soya free which is harder to find and kids love which can also be a challenge.

- Thu 9th Jan 2014

This vegan 'cheese' is amazing, I've been a vegan for 7 years and not found any other varieties that are not sour and have a texture of a rubber band BUT THIS VIOLIFE IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT
highly recommend, love it

- Sat 12th Oct 2013

This cheese tasted like real cheese, it also melted nicely, I will be buying this again soon.

Deliciously Lovely - Mon 23rd Sep 2013

Wonderfully wholesome Veganic Violife Original Sliced Vegan cheese can be eaten on its own or with salads, chutneys and made or used in sweet or savoury foods eg, pizza, cheese on toast, jacket potatoes, pasta, soups, array or breads/biscuits and turned in to dips, sauces and toppings and fillings in sandwiches and snacks. Nutritious and very versatile.

Great sandwich filler - Tue 9th Jul 2013

This is the best sliced vegan 'cheese' I've had, no icky aftertaste and doesn't so soggy with other items such as lettuce.

Interesting - Fri 28th Jun 2013

This has an interesting texture which is nicer than most solid vegan 'cheese' I've had, it's more moist rather than chalky but still has that somewhat sickly sweet aftertaste. It's fine if heated or disguised with other veg in a nice thick salad sandwich and I personally add chilli pepper.

this cheese substitute?! - Wed 26th Jun 2013

Love this, the flavour and texture are the best I've known in a non dairy cheese. Especially impressed that it is soya free too.

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