Clif Builders Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter 68g

Clif Builders Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter 68g

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Chocolate peanut butter protein bar

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More about Clif Builders Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter

Builder's has 20g of complete protein, the vitamins and minerals you need to boost protein metabolism and carbohydrates for sustained energy. Builder's never contains ingredients like artificial sweeteners, sugars, alcohols or trans fats. every builder's ingredient serves a purpose, so it can best serve you - and all you're working towards.


Soya protein isolate, concentrated red beet juice, brown rice syrup, evaporated sugar cane juice, palm kernel oil, peanuts, rolled oats, soya protein concentrate, cocoa, humectant, vegetable glycerol, flavourings, peanut flour, rice starch, inulin (chicory extract), cocoa butter, salt, milled flaxseed, oat, fibre, emulsifier (soya lecithin), sunflower oil. Vitamins and Minerals: dicalcium phsophate, magnesium oxide, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, beta carotene, zinc citrate, vitamin K1, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium iodiide, manganese gluconate, cupric gluconate, sodium selenite, thiamin, chromium chloride, vitamin B12, sodium molybdate, folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B6.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1633kJ/388kcal, Protein 29.4g, Carbohydrates 38.2g (of which sugars 29.4g), Fat 11.8g (of which saturates 7.4g), Fibre 5.9g, Sodium 0.46g


Contains oat gluten, Soya and peanuts
May contain traces of milk, wheat and tree nuts

Customer reviews - Clif Builders Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter 68g


- Wed 12th Aug 2015

I received this to try in an order, it contains oats which I can't eat but my partner said it was filling and tasty, he also said it was an aphrodisiac, but I think he was lying!

- Fri 7th Aug 2015

GoodnessDirect sent this as a free trial with my order. The bar was nice, a bit like a Snickers bar I suppose but vegan. I'd probably have again as a treat though because they're expensive.

- Fri 27th Jun 2014

OK I guess but like a laboratory of ingredients which I'm not sure of. For a serving suggestion allow 2 bars to soften in a hot cup of tea and enjoy with a spoon from the cup itself, drinking the tea after.

Very tasty - Wed 19th Feb 2014

I don't know about builders but I liked it, that said it was very expensive so not something I'd buy often.

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