Cotswold Dandelion Coffee 100g

Cotswold Dandelion Coffee 100g

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Roasted dandelion root coffee.

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More about Cotswold Dandelion Coffee

Dandelion coffee is great alternative for those seeking a reduced caffeine drink. Dandelion coffee may help with gall bladder functions, and as it is rich in nutrients and has a mild laxative effect, which may help against stomach pains.


100% roasted dandelion root.

Other Information

To enjoy the full flavour of this coffee, grind required quantity in a coffee grinder and use a percolator or filter machine. Milk and sweetening may be added to taste.

Caffeine Free, Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Cotswold Dandelion Coffee 100g


Great flavour - Wed 25th May 2016

A really good alternative to coffee with plenty of health benefits too.

Nice - Fri 15th Apr 2016

Really interesting flavour, I like it a lot!

- Mon 17th Nov 2014

I have tried other brands of dandelion 'coffee'. This is by far the best, I grind it and use it in a cafetierre then mixed with oodles of ghee or spices. Absolutely delicious.

Healthy alternative - Wed 25th Jun 2014

A healthy alternative to drinking too much regular coffee especially if you have more than 1 cup a day. I found having this in the morning is a quite a wake up call but I've had it at night and found it very cleansing on the digestion by morning. The taste isn't for everyone though.

Wonderful product! - Mon 2nd Jun 2014

This is good, natural medicine to support our health! I ground a small amount and added to a pan of water and plant milk, to brew a creamy drink, straining via fine mesh sieve into cups. This is a strong brew, I recommend less than 1tsp ground per person. There is some bitterness, but not unpleasant and a gorgeous rich colour. I'm converted!

- Tue 18th Feb 2014

Amazing! Didn't expect it to taste so much like coffee. Very strong

- Tue 1st Oct 2013

Excellent flavour, grinds easily in the coffee grinder but make sure it is kept very dry, a vacuum sealed jar is best for storage. Dandelion coffee is a good liver support and cleanser which is very necessary in todays toxic environment

Amazing - Fri 14th Jun 2013

Didn't expect this to taste quite as good as it does. A fantastic coffee substitute with the bonus that it's doing my liver good - perfect.
I ground it and used one of those Italian hob espresso makers. It came out really dark and strong - just how I like my coffee. Will be buying this in bulk in future!!

- Tue 23rd Oct 2012

Good for having a coffee-like drink in the evening; It has to be ground first though.

very strong! - Mon 5th Dec 2011

These are great for the coffee experience without the coffee -- the resulting brew is very strong, acidic-tasting, and dark. The 'beans' are have a tough/chewy texture, so you have to grind them in a blade coffee grinder. They also tend to leave a slight residue in the grinder, but you can wipe it right out.

- Mon 12th Apr 2010

I love this drink!
I have tried dandelion coffee before (other brands) and didn't like them at all.
But this one is somehow different and really tasty.

Really Good Taste - Thu 9th Jul 2009

This drink is so good I really look forward to sitting and having a cup - it's a shame it's not in cafes and restaurants yet, as I get a little bored of being offered 'peppermint or camomile' tea!

Brilliant taste - Thu 30th Oct 2008

This is so like coffee in taste and great with vanilla rice milk.

excellent - Fri 15th Aug 2008

I discovered this specific drink while visiting friends in the UK-I'm from the US and we don't really have this here. It's wonderful; rich and satisfying; tastes amazingly like coffee. I recommend this very much especially if trying to kick caffeine (I love coffee) and tea often is a bit underwhelming. I absolutely love this drink!


Dandelion coffee - Wed 31st Dec 2014

This drink is an excellent liver tonic - especially for breakfast after eating or drinking too much the night before. I also find it helpful in the early hours if an overworked liver is keeping one awake.

Make a batch of Dandelion coffee - Tue 5th Jan 2010

I have a massive pint mug of dandelion root coffee every morning. Unlike the instructions which tell you to grind it up and whack it in your coffee percolator, I just boil/simmer a tablespoon in 2 litres of water for 20mins. I make a big saucepan full of it once a week, and store it cool in a large plastic jug in the door of my fridge. I then heat a cup of it up each morning. I don't like the brands which sell granules because they all contain milk powder, or lactose as a sweetener. [Why do they do that????]

I've been doing this for about 7 years, and it is now part of my daily routine... which I miss terribly when I am on holiday. A 100g pack lasts me about 8 weeks because you only need a tablespoon to make 2 litres.

Oh, and dandelion is fabulous for your liver. You'll notice a big change in your bowels for the first week, as the dandelion stimulates your bile production. But it settles down after that. It's great for improving bad skin and for getting rid of unhealthy smelling body odour.

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