Carley's Organic Raw Rainforest Butter (Brazil Nut & Macadamia) 170g

Carley's Organic Raw Rainforest Butter (Brazil Nut & Macadamia) 170g

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Organic raw rainforest nut butter made from brazil, macadamia and cahew nuts

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More about Carley's Organic Raw Rainforest Butter (Brazil Nut & Macadamia)

Rainforest nut butter cool milled from raw organic brazilnuts, macadamia nuts and un-roasted cashews. A great source of selenium. Use as you would any other nut butter - as a spread, or in sauces, in dressings or baking.


Delicious as a bread spread, in sauces, dressings, dips and baking.


Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 636kcal/2661kJ, Protein 14.6g, Carbohydrates 17.0g (of which sugars 3.5g), Fat 61.7g (of which saturates 12.9g), Fibre 6.5g, Calcium 121mg, Sodium 5.5mg, Selenium 1229µg.


Contains nuts.

Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan

Customer reviews - Carley's Organic Raw Rainforest Butter (Brazil Nut & Macadamia) 170g


Hm. - Fri 16th Feb 2018

After reading the previous reviews, I ordered and I was expecting something special. I believe that this stuff is highly nutritious. Consequently, it's probably good value for money. However, if I was being polite I would say that the flavour is subtle; if I was less polite I would describe it as bland. Overall, I was a bit disappointed. So it's ok but I much prefer Carley's Mixed Seed and/or Carley's Cashew Nut Butter.

worth the money.. - Sun 6th Oct 2013

So I saw this and treated myself to it because I had a Goodness Direct discount code...I actually wouldn't have paid this much for a nut butter otherwise...I am so glad I did! It is sweet and creamy, and I had to seriously stop myself spooning and eating straight from the jar. I have since brought this at full price, really do love it :-)

Fantastic - Mon 23rd Sep 2013

I love all of Carley's butters but this is one of my favourite's - really rich and full taste and also oily in a healthy and nutritious way.

- Tue 17th Sep 2013

This is really delicious - very comforting and filling on some hot toast in the mornings. It has a lovely natural sweetness too.

Delicious - Tue 17th Sep 2013

Another tasty Carley's raw nut butter with a unique creamy taste. This is not as smooth in texture as the walnut butter, but is still very nice and it contains no added oil, sugar or salt.

- Wed 20th Mar 2013

I was pleasantly surprised by this tasty product as I normally buy smooth spreads. It does contain lots of bits but they are small and soft so easily digested.

- Mon 16th Jul 2012

Quite a nice unique taste, a little expensive but carlysnut butters are worth it.


Try... - Wed 25th Jul 2012

Try mixing raw nut butter with chopped dates for a sandwich filling or toast topper.

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