Carley's Organic Raw Mixed Seed Butter 250g

Carley's Organic Raw Mixed Seed Butter 250g

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Organic raw mixed seed butter with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, hemp seed and linseed

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More about Carley's Organic Raw Mixed Seed Butter

Mixed seed butter finely milled from organic seeds to make it easy to get your daily omega 3's. Delicious and different spread on bread, crispbreads or biscuits. Alternatively, use in sauces, dips or desserts.


Delicious as a bread spread, in sauces, dressings, dips and baking.


All oils are cold-pressed.
Sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, linseed, sesame oil, hulled hemp seed, linseed oil, hempseed oil, pumpkin seed oil.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 657kcal/2741kJ, Protein 15.0g, Carbohydrates 14.2g (of which sugars 0.9g), Fat 64.1g (of which saturates 8.0g), Fibre 6.4g, Calcium 110.5mg, Sodium 9.8mg, Omega 3s 2.8g.


Contains sesame.

Gluten Free, Organic

Customer reviews - Carley's Organic Raw Mixed Seed Butter 250g


- Mon 3rd Oct 2016

Amazingly healthy and versatile spread from a great Cornish based company. I keep trying other seed spreads, but personally nothing beats Carly's raw dark tahini.

Unique flavour - Mon 23rd Sep 2013

This has a very savoury taste, thick, filling - a little goes a long way and very easy to digest.

Delish - Tue 16th Jul 2013

Just about the nicest seed butter I've tried. I love the touch of bitter mixed up with sweet and strangely it works well with banana in a sandwich or on a crispbread. !

Raw seeds - Sun 19th May 2013

Quite expensive but so nutritious. Love it on crackers.

Carley - Sat 18th May 2013

I can imagine this would be a bit of an "acquired" taste for some people, as the taste of hemp is quite strong, but I love it, and it's such a great way to get the goodness of lots of types of seeds in one go.

- Sun 14th Apr 2013

Personally, I didn't like this. It tastes kind of bitter and very strongly of hemp seeds. The consistency isn't smooth like you'd expect a seed butter to be either. However, for those that do like the taste I can see this being a very convenient way of gaining the nutrition from all the different seeds without having to buy them all separately.

Rich, soft, versatile - Sun 23rd Dec 2012

This is a very nice and healthy spread. It has a lot of oil in it so you can siphon off the top when you open it or when it builds and use it in other foods or for your skin. The spread itself tastes just like you're eating seed mix so not very appetizing but the magic happens when you eat it with something else. I've had it with olive and sunflower vegan friendly margarines on crackers and by itself on yeast free bread and it blends marvelously, it takes on the taste of whatever you eat it with and lends it's creamy soft texture to it. I'm going to try it with peanut butter later. Very oily so eat in moderation but enjoy!

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