Clipper Snore & Peace Tea (Organic Chamomile, Lemon Balm & Lavender) 20b

Clipper Snore & Peace Tea (Organic Chamomile, Lemon Balm & Lavender) 20b

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Organic chamomile, lemon balm and lavender infusion. A comforting and delicately fragrant infusion that balances the delicious floral taste of chamomile and lavender with the refreshing character of lemon balm. The perfect accompaniment to a bedtime read, just the thing before lights out.

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More about Clipper Snore & Peace Tea (Organic Chamomile, Lemon Balm & Lavender)

Clipper Organic Tea is sourced from tea gardens with comprehensive welfare policies including fair pay, free housing, healthcare, education and many other welfare matters. Clipper is dedicated to bringing you delicious teas that are beautiful inside and out. They consider everything from the sourcing of all of their ingredients, where the tea comes from, to the way they blend and pack it; whilst always upholding their policy of ‘no artificial ingredients’.


Chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass, lavender, fennel seed, rosehip, spearmint, natural flavouring.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clipper Snore & Peace Tea (Organic Chamomile, Lemon Balm & Lavender) 20b


- Tue 27th Oct 2015

I prefer this in the morning rather than night but it has a wonderful lemon flavour with other faint background ingredients to calm the nerves and settle me. If you want something similar but without a strong lemon flavour then I recommend a pure chamomile tea without anything else included.

chamomile and lemon mostly - Wed 10th Sep 2014

I agree with the other reviewer who said this isn't so much a bedtime tea, I too don't really like too much lemon before bed - I find it too refreshing. I do like lemony teas especially shortly before or after eating but I would have preferred just the chamomile and lavender in this one. Though it is a good tea in general.

Too Lemon balmy - Sat 5th Apr 2014

This tea is soothing in a way, but the Lemon Balm is a very dominant flavour, which is not to my taste but if you love it would suit you. I was disappointed not to pick up on the Lavender. Given 4 stars for being organic.

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