Clipper Organic Everyday Tea 80b

Clipper Organic Everyday Tea 80b

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Clipper Organic Tea is delicious and antural with a full, rich flavour and bright, fresh colour. A deliciously refreshing and full-bodied blend of quality black teas, sourced from the finest Organic tea gardens.

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More about Clipper Organic Everyday Tea

Clipper Organic Tea is sourced from tea gardens with comprehensive welfare policies including fair pay, free housing, healthcare, education and many other welfare matters. Clipper is dedicated to bringing you delicious teas that are beautiful inside and out. They consider everything from the sourcing of all of their ingredients, where the tea comes from, to the way they blend and pack it; whilst always upholding their policy of ‘no artificial ingredients’.


Organically grown tea. Produce of more than one country.

Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clipper Organic Everyday Tea 80b


Clipper Tea - Tue 3rd May 2016

This is a delicious organic tea using unbleached tea bags.

My first choice - Sun 3rd Jan 2016

Excellent value, delicious taste and smell, fair trade, organic, unbleached - what more could you want? I buy this again and again.

Like the tea you remember - Sat 28th Nov 2015

Clipper tea tastes like the full bodied tea grandmothers used to drink where you could actually get two cups from the bag! Highly recommended and top quality you will not regret trying this tea.

- Fri 7th Aug 2015

If I can't have this in the morning, then I can't move. Please buy organic tea. Non-organic tea-field pickers are largely untrained, low waged workers put at considerable risk of infections, burns, and even cancer due to spraying noxious chemicals on the tea crops. Besides this - do you really want to drink the noxious chemicals? Tea is inexpensive and easy to accomodate even into a small budget. Buy it.

- Mon 1st Dec 2014

I like black tea a lot and this makes a pretty good cupper, plus it's organic which I always love. The big box you get is great and should last a fair amount.

- Mon 24th Feb 2014

Makes a great tea, with soya milk and agave syrup.

- Wed 12th Sep 2012

Really delicious, refreshing tea, and it's organic and fairtrade too! Excellent value for money

Superb! - Sun 25th Sep 2011

I love Clipper tea, it's definitely one of my go-to teas of choice. If there's one thing I can't stand it's a weak cup of tea and Clipper definitely puts an end to that. I find with some other brand name tea you have to leave the teabag in the cup for about 30 mins just to get a decent flavour whereas Clipper gives a nice wholesome and deep flavour much faster. My only issue is that I find Clipper quite expensive compared to other tea although it could be said that you get what you pay for and with Clipper you definitely get a quality product!

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