Clipper Organic Green Tea 25b

Clipper Organic Green Tea 25b

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Single estate organic green tea from the Bhavani Hills region of India.

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Organically grown green tea.

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For 3000 years, the Chinese have praised the health giving properties of pure green tea. Clipper Organic Green Tea is high in antioxidants, which help to maintain our bodies delicate balance against the stresses and strains of modern life.
The tea is grown naturally at over 9000 feet in the nationally protected Bravani Hills region, India. This small, select tea garden is completely integrated into its wild and remote environment. The landscape is very similar to the Scottish Highlands with lakes and moors, but with the addition of tigers, samba and wild boar.
The lovely, delicate flavour and light golden colour or this organic green tea is due to the slow growing China tea plant, which gives the highest quality and the purest, healthiest tea when grown at this altitude and in this environment.

Fairtrade, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clipper Organic Green Tea 25b


- Tue 20th Dec 2016

One of the best green teas, being organic, fair trade and refreshing. I drink with the tea bag in my mug, which won't be everyone's ideal, but at least it is nice and strong!

- Fri 6th Dec 2013

Possibly the cheapest of the organic brands but still reasonable quality. To get the most benefit always best to drink without milk and sugar and allow 15 minutes to brew.

Lovely - Sat 6th Apr 2013

Lovely green tea - I prefer their one with added lemon, but this gets extra points from me for being organic! Try it in the morning instead of your usual hot drink.

Good Green Tea - Fri 4th Jan 2013

This is a strong Green tea with a strong colour and taste. Works well for my digestion and weight maintenance when coupled with taking a regular constitutional (walk) every day.

Best Green Tea - Sun 30th Sep 2007

I have drunk a cup of green tea on rising every morning for years and have tried a few varieties. This one is definately the nicest, it has a smooth and tasty flavour, and it doesn't go weird and have a film on the top like other green teas can. Of course, it's organic so it won't have any nasty residues either.


- Fri 7th Sep 2007


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