Clipper Organic Wild Berry Tea 20b

Clipper Organic Wild Berry Tea 20b

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Natually sweet, fruity and aromatic. A full bodied infusion with no artificial flavours.A deeply fruity Infusion, the intense aroma delivers fully with a strong autumnal rich dark fruity drink, refreshing and intense.

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More about Clipper Organic Wild Berry Tea

Clipper Organic Tea is sourced from tea gardens with comprehensive welfare policies including fair pay, free housing, healthcare, education and many other welfare matters. Clipper is dedicated to bringing you delicious teas that are beautiful inside and out. They consider everything from the sourcing of all of their ingredients, where the tea comes from, to the way they blend and pack it; whilst always upholding their policy of ‘no artificial ingredients’.


Hibiscus, liquorice root, rosehip, nettle, pineapple, natural flavouring, bilberry 1%


Contains liquorice - people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Other Information

Rich in vitamins and minerals, wild berries have been traditionally gathered in the autumn for centuries to help ward off winter ailments. Indigenous to Europe and western Asia, bilberries have been used since ancient times in Europe as a medicine and to prevent scurvy, due to their high vitamin C content. They are still used in western Europe today to help with a variety of conditions.

Caffeine Free, Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clipper Organic Wild Berry Tea 20b


Real flavour - Wed 8th Mar 2017

Finally a berry tea that actually has flavour! I'm going to have to buy it in bulk because everyone likes it.

Clipper Organic Wild Berry Tea - Fri 27th Nov 2015

This is a rich, fruity full bodied tea from the premium Clipper brand. What I appreciate about this one is that I do not have to leave it for hours and then reheat it to get a strong flavour, it infuses beautifully straight away. Recommended for those who appreciate a deep berry flavour, it can be sweetened with a dash of honey for a smoother taste.

Pluses and minuses - Thu 30th May 2013

I wish I could continue drinking this! It makes my skin look fantastic, like I've eaten a full salad, but my sensitive teeth simply can't handle it. Maybe just a personal issue though so by all means try!

lovely - Mon 14th Nov 2011

Really refreshing tea

Wild Berry - Wed 2nd Jun 2010

This is my favourite fruit tea of all. Its intense flavour, with an underhint of licorice, is stunning. My stepdaughter, who professes not to like fruit teas, also loves this one.

Like everything, it's a matter of taste, but just lets say I have to make a 30 mile round trip to buy it, but it is worth every penny!

Disappointing - Thu 6th May 2010

I am a big fan of clipper teas, but this is not one of my favourites. It's lacking in flavour and has a strange aftertaste. I would recommend trying one of their other teas instead.

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