Clipper Organic Lemon & Ginger Tea 20b

Clipper Organic Lemon & Ginger Tea 20b

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A refreshing infusion of lemon with the warming addition of ginger. A refreshing, delicious and zesty citrus infusion with the deep and warming zing of ginger. Naturally caffeine-free.

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The lemon is indigenous to Northern India and is thought to have reached Europe via Persia. It was first grown in Greece and then in Italy in the 2nd century. It is prized the world over for both medicinal and culinary uses. Ginger has been cultivated for millennia in both China and Asia, reaching the West at least 2000 years ago. it is used in nearly half of all Chinese medicines and is still widely used for its warming and calming effects both as a medicine and in food.



Organically grown lemon grass, ginger and lemon peel, natural flavours.

Caffeine Free, Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clipper Organic Lemon & Ginger Tea 20b


- Fri 9th Oct 2015

There aren't many lemon teas around that I like but this tastes and smells really wonderful. I noticed some people have been disappointed which is a shame as I too don't like when the ingredients change, but as I'm new I come at this fresh and love the presented flavours.

Refreshing - Sat 2nd May 2015

Good quality herbal tea with a strong lemon flavour without the ginger being too overwhelming. A healthy choice.

Lemon, Liquorice and Ginger? - Fri 14th Jan 2011

As many other reviewers have stated, this is lemon and ginger tea with a twist - it's got a definite aftertaste of liquorice. Not so good if you don't like liquorice, but for me it's an addition which makes this tea extra special and interesting: it starts zingy and fresh, then ends on a really rich, rounded note. One of my absolute favourites.

Lemon and ginger tea - Fri 1st Jan 2010

Wanted to change from the Twinings, so bought a box only to discover that it tastes neither lemon nor ginger but a bad aftertaste of liquorice that I dislike.

Lemon and ginger tea - Wed 16th Dec 2009

I agree with first reviewer. This used to be the best lemon and ginger tea around. Now it's got liquorice in it, I don't buy it any more.

- Mon 7th May 2007

Really refreshing, good for menstrual pains

- Sun 25th Feb 2007

These lemon and ginger tea bags now contain Liquorice and taste nothing like they used to. I had bought them ever since they came on the market but can no longer bear the taste.

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