Clipper Pure Green Tea 26 bags

Clipper Pure Green Tea 26 bags

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Clipper Single Estate Green Tea.

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More about Clipper Pure Green Tea 26 bags

Clipper products are made with pure ingredients and a clear conscience. Using only the highest quality sources, adding nothing artificial, and striving to improve the welfare of the workers. No wonder they taste so good. We only work woth producers who are striving to improve standards of welfare for workers and their families. Nagata Organic Sencha is a premium quality Japanese green tea made from the season's first tender, young leaves, hand-harvested at their peak of flavour.
In a unique traditional Japanese process, the freshly picked leaves are briefly steamed to capture their complex flavour and emerald green colour, then rolled into thin curls and oven-dried.

In Japan, Sencha is a prized tea served at high class restaurants and at home to make guests feel welcomed and honoured. At once mildly stimulating and soothing, Sencha has long been used by Zen monks to promote mental clarity and calmness during long meditations.

Serving Suggestion

Use freshly boiled (but not boiling) water and brew for 1 to 3 minutes, so the bottom of the cup is visible.


100% Green Tea

Other Information

Clipper pure green tea is widely recognized as one of the world's most refreshing teas. High in antioxidants.

Fairtrade, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clipper Pure Green Tea 26 bags


- Sun 15th Mar 2015

Good priced green tea, clean taste and energising

A very nice green tea - Sat 6th Apr 2013

Clipper's green tea has a lovely flavour and I recommend it. I prefer their one with a bit of lemon added, though! :)


Mix and match - Mon 4th Nov 2013

A lovely thing to try is mix many different tea types into a single cup if you can't find the right combination from a single bag. I like fusing herbal teas with fruit teas and finally a plain green tea. For the maximum health benefits it's best to drink tea without milk and sugar but can be very strong sometimes so you're forgiven for doing so.

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