Clipper Organic Liquorice Tea 20b

Clipper Organic Liquorice Tea 20b

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Liquorice or Licorice tea is a sweet, invigorating and distinctive infusion of organic Liquorice root. Popular as a distraction from the mid afternoon sugar craving! Naturally caffeine free.

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More about Clipper Organic Liquorice Tea

Clipper Organic Liquorice is a pure and naturally sweet infusion that is a particularly effective after-dinner drink or morning pick-me-up. It is great for gently aiding digestion and improving discomfort after rich meals.

Clipper Organic Tea is sourced from tea gardens with comprehensive welfare policies including fair pay, free housing, healthcare, education and many other welfare matters. Clipper is dedicated to bringing you delicious teas that are beautiful inside and out. They consider everything from the sourcing of all of their ingredients, where the tea comes from, to the way they blend and pack it; whilst always upholding their policy of ‘no artificial ingredients’.


Organically grown Liquorice root


If you are pregnant, taking medication or suffer from high blood pressure, please seek medical advice before drinking this product.
Do not exceed 3 cups per day.

Other Information

Liquorice tea can also be written as Licorice tea, these are both the root which grows all across Europe and Asia. It is well known for it's benefits for digestion, peptic ulcers and viral infections. It may also help sooth mouth ulcers. For more information see the links in the blue box to the right.

Caffeine Free, Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clipper Organic Liquorice Tea 20b


Sweet Tea - Sun 1st Jan 2017

I love liquorice tea, it's sweet and uplifting (I'd love it even more with marshmallow) - great for the morning or when you're feeling low.

- Sat 8th Oct 2016

Had tried another brand of licorice tea in the past which I really liked, but this product is a little too sweet for me.

- Wed 27th Jan 2016

I love clipper teas. Great quality and taste, unbleached and organic.

I can drink this anytime - Mon 22nd Sep 2014

I love clipper teas and their unbleached teabags but I really love their licorice tea - naturally sweet and wholesome - makes a great base or can easily blend with a different tea bag.

- Thu 21st Aug 2014

Subtle sweet tasting tea; a satisfying after dinner brew. Combines well with peppermint for digestion or chamomile for soothing. Happy to note that the bags are unbleached. Good value.

Sweet and yummy! - Fri 1st Feb 2013

Licorice is one of my fave flavours and can't help but add 6 tea bags to a small cup without adding milk or anything else, but it 'might' affect the blood pressure of some people. It doesn't affect everyone but you could be just unlucky.

Clipper Tea - Fri 1st Jul 2011

Licorice is my favourite herb tea and these tea bags make a delicious drink. However, if you have any concerns about high blood pressure it may be best not to have it too often.

Good for all round health - Fri 15th Oct 2010

These tea bags are one of the nicest herbal teas I've tried. (I've tried a lot). Perfect for tickly coughs, sore throats and chest congestions. Help improve acne and other skin problems, also stop you craving sweets and chocolate if you're on a diet.


Sweet Kick - Thu 13th Sep 2012

Steer yourself away from coffee and cake and instead enjoy this lovely tea with a handful of nuts and dried fruit instead. You'll get a really lovely sweet kick from it.

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