Biona Organic Date Syrup 350g

Biona Organic Date Syrup 350g

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More about Biona Organic Date Syrup

Biona Organic Date syrup is a delicious natural sweetener containing just dates. Rich and mellow date syrup is delicious drizzled on desserts or pancakes and can also be used in baking. With a consistency similar to molasses, date syrup is sweeter then granulated sugar so make sure you adjust your recipe accordingly to get the sweetness right.


Date syrup*
* = certified organic ingredients

Nutritional Information

Energy 1278kJ/301kcal, Fat 0.1g (of which saturates <0.1g), Carbohydrates 73.5g (of which sugars 66.0g), Protein 1.4g, Fibre <0.1g, Salt <0.1g

Other Information

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34a Clifton Road,



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Customer reviews - Biona Organic Date Syrup 350g


- Thu 29th Jun 2017

This is a great sweetener and especially good in home made hot chocolate with almond milk, cacao powder and some almond butter.

syrup - Tue 21st Mar 2017

love this stuff, great alternative to sugar/honey/maple syrup!

- Fri 19th Aug 2016

This is delicious drizzled over anything especially greek yogurt

date syrup - Sat 12th Sep 2015

I use this instead of maple syrup. Gives a nice sweet taste and dark appearance to flapjacks

Best sweetener - Thu 30th Apr 2015

I've done a lot of reading about various sweeteners, syrups etc. and dates seem to be the most healthy way of sweetening foods. This syrup is made purely from dates, and is the nicest of the brands I've tried. Delicious on porridge and in salad dressings - really hits the spot.

Date Syrup - Wed 4th Mar 2015

A delicious sweetener with a unique taste. Excellent in porridge, baking and even drizzled over sliced banana on corn cakes!

Not as sweet as it could be - Wed 25th Jun 2014

Quite mild for dates but still a lovely, natural sweetness that builds; excellent for drinks but for spreads and cooking I find I need to use more than I would expect because of its mildness. Very blendable though and a good thickness/consistency.

great stuff easy to use - Thu 24th Apr 2014

Great...easy replacement for dates in recipes when you need some natural sweetness...

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