Co-Yo Natural Coconut Milk Yoghurt 400g

Co-Yo Natural Coconut Milk Yoghurt 400g

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Natural coconut milk yoghurt.

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More about Co-Yo Natural Coconut Milk Yoghurt

Co yo takes the refreshingly smooth taste of the coconut and combines this with probiotic cultures to produce a dairy free and vegan, nutritious yoghurt. This coconut milk yoghurt is suitable for many of those with special diets, free from dairy, soya, gluten and lactose and with no added sugar co yo yoghurts can be enjoyed by everyone.


Coconut Milk (99%), Tapioca starch and Pectin, Live Vegan Yoghurt Cultures

Nutritional Information

Energy 902/219 k/Cal, Fat 21g Of which Saturates 19g, Carbohydrate 3.9g Of which Sugars 1.9g, Protein 2.5g Salt <0.1g

Other Information

Once opened, consumed within three days.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Co-Yo Natural Coconut Milk Yoghurt 400g


- Sun 17th May 2015

Being dairy, gluten and sugar intolerant this was a real find for me and such a treat!

A better size - Sun 19th Apr 2015

This is a better size since the 'yoghurt' is so tasty the little pots are often too little (but handy) but this is great to keep at home.

Love this - Tue 7th Jan 2014

Unable to have dairy or soya there aren't many yogurt alternatives, so bought this as soon as I saw it! It is very very thick (almost the consistency of a good clotted cream)... I'm not sure if you are supposed to stir it to make it more of a yoghurt consistency, but I love the thickness so didn't try this. Perfect with a homemade fruit compote, and spooned onto gluten free pancakes. Will be trying the fruit versions next. It is very very rich, and totally yummy. Really feels like you are having a treat.

Wonderful - Mon 25th Nov 2013

If you haven't tried CO-YO, do! It's got the texture and taste of double cream, it's absolutely amazing, it's not cheap, but it's worth every penny.

- Tue 13th Aug 2013

So pleased to have found this since I gave up dairy and can't eat soya. Used to love yogurt and used it for so many different recipes. Now I can again and in the infrequent times I've had it too long in the fridge it tastes like cottage cheese - what a treat on a baked potato!

Delicious - Mon 22nd Jul 2013

This yogurt is better than dairy and its great to have something that I can give to my dairy intolerant baby.

Delicious Non Dairy Non Soya Yoghurt - Thu 30th May 2013

I tried this yoghurt around 5 months ago, and have become HOOKED! It is divine. Thick, creamy and tasty. It is great for baking with, in smoothies with it's probiotic qualities, in cheesecakes, and especially as a 'cream' in a Vegan Victoria sponge with raspberry jam.

I can't tell you how much I love it, it keeps well in the fridge, and is addictive.

I also love the other flavours, the berry one is amazing.

Well done Co-Yo!

too sweet - Sat 13th Apr 2013

I usually buy the smaller tubs and although slightly sweet they are lovely. However, I ordered 5 tubs of this larger one and so far have found these much too sweet where I cannot eat anymore. Not sure how much more sweetner they put in but please please take it out.

co yo natural coconut yoghurt - Wed 27th Mar 2013

I have a restricted diet what with suffering from Candida and food intolerance which include dairy!! This is a lovely treat although agree with other reviews....WHY PUT THE XYLITOL IN IT. So please please manufacturers take it out.

Could do without the xylitol - Thu 28th Feb 2013

Gorgeous yoghurt, texture can vary, it's sometimes very thick like a cheesecake texture other times more like a Greek yoghurt texture. Can have a slight grittiness as well but I find coconut milk has this too so it's no wonder. If you're not used to it the dazzling slightly bluey white colour takes a bit of getting used to as well, as dairy yoghurt is slightly creamy in colour. My only gripe is the added xylitol, coconut milk is naturally sweet so the xylitol is a bit superfluous and even can cause some problems if using for savoury dishes or sauces. For example when making a vegan mint raita I had to add vinegar to balance things out and when I used as a savoury sour cream substitute I had to add a lot of lime juice, pepper and some salt as otherwise it was just too sweet. Oddly the yoghurt in the mango flavour tub is less sweet than this one. I contacted the manufacturers and they said they are looking into the feasibility of offering a completely unsweetened 'natural' version in future so we will see.

Sickly Co-Yo natural coconut yoghurt - Thu 27th Dec 2012

I really love coconut, so I was very pleased to find that they made coconut yoghurt, as I was looking for an alternative to the soya one I use. Unfortunately, this turned out to be very thick, rich and sickly, and the xylitol used to sweeten it was, unfortunately, extremely sweet, and left a peculiar cold sensation as an after taste. As someone who is sensitive to sugar and sugar-substitutes (they set off a physical craving in my mouth), this was a real problem, and it set it off. I ended up having to throw a large proportion of it away - very difficult to do for a sugar addict with a raging craving. It did taste of coconut, but that's the only good thing I can say about it. The service from Goodness Direct, however, is excellent, and I received my order within two days.

Co-Yo coconut milk yoghurt - Tue 4th Sep 2012

This is easily the best yoghurt in the world.

Co-Yo natural coconut Yoghurt - Tue 27th Mar 2012

This is the most yummy yoghurt, I can't stop eating it. The only draw back is I can't buy it straight off the supermarket shelf. So I do rely on a good supply from Goodness Direct. Hopefully it will be wildly available soon. mmmmm

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