Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub Hunky Punky Chocolate 500ml

Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub Hunky Punky Chocolate 500ml

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Booja booja is a delicious alternative to dairy ice cream: creamy smooth, luxuriously rich dark chocolate frozen dessert

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More about Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub Hunky Punky Chocolate

Runner up in Best Vegan Dairy Product Award at Vegfest 2011!
Booja Booja describe Stuff in a tub as ' Much more delicious than dairy ice-cream' and I think they are right. This is a gorgeous frozen dessert with high credentials that many of us can eat and all of us want to eat. Definitely worth a try.


Water, agave syrup*, cashew* nuts, cocoa powder* 5%

*Organically grown ingredients


Nutritional Information

Typical value per 100ml:
Energy kJ /kcal  635kJ/152kcal, Fat 7.7g, Saturated fat 1.5g, Carbohydrate 16g, Sugars 13g, Protein 4.2g, Salt (g) 0.004g.


May also contain hazelnuts, pecan and almonds

Other Information

Manufacturer's Address


NR15 1HJ, UK

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Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Lactose Free, Organic, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub Hunky Punky Chocolate 500ml


Ice cream - Mon 16th May 2016

Nicest ice cream ever had but dairy free and healthy! Incredible

Must be good! - Tue 15th Mar 2016

I haven't tried this one yet but if the other flavours are anything to go by, it will be brilliant. I have got through three tubs so far and am loving every mouthful. Lovely to have a treat I can eat without repercussions but you don't need to be dairy intolerant or vegan to enjoy it.

- Sat 23rd Jan 2016

Best alternative to dairy ice cream I have tasted so far, it's as good as the "real" thing! I would definitely recommend it.

Yum! - Thu 7th Jan 2016

Partner loves this !

Booja- Booja hunky punky chocolate - Thu 31st Dec 2015

Lovely stuff. I find it tastes better if its left for a few minutes before eating. Great for people like myself that didn't have Ice Cream for years because of the dairy ingredients.

Yummy AND healthy! - Tue 24th Nov 2015

Such a divine and healthy ice cream! I didn't love it the first time I tried it, but after the second bowl I was hooked! It has a lovely chocolatey taste and amazingly it is only made from a handful of ingredients... It didn't last long in my house (and it was only me consuming it being the household vegan!) as it is so moreish. I highly recommend it; even better that it's not full of any added nasties.

AMAZING - better than Ben and Jerry Ice cream - Mon 26th Oct 2015

Since I've been vegan, I have really missed the tubs of ice cream from the well known brands. Not any longer! Not only is this as good as those tubs, it's actually better in terms of taste and dairy free too. AMAZING. I can't praise it highly enough.

Amazing - Wed 12th Aug 2015

It's hard to believe that this is made with only 4 ingredients and none of them are dairy.

This looks like chocolate ice cream, tastes like chocolate ice cream, just has no dairy.

I LOVE Booja Booja

Booja-booja stuff in a tub hunky punky chocolate - Wed 29th Jul 2015

Why would anyone ever have dairy ice cream when you can have this! I love everything about it, the taste, flavour, texture and the fact that it only has four ingredients is amazing, with no sugar! I can't see it lasting long in our house.

- Fri 15th May 2015

Such an amazing ice cream!!!! so creamy and delicious, don't even know how they make it so good!

Delicious - Fri 3rd Apr 2015

This is amazingly good, rich and chocolatey

I want to share but... - Wed 25th Jun 2014

Even though this is the bigger size I still find it quite hard to share because it's so easy to eat this in one go. That said I find serving this with wafers and crushed nuts with a bit of syrup makes for great sharing!

Sooo good - Tue 8th Apr 2014

Rich, dreamy, delightful, thoroughly wonderful on the tongue! Such a beautiful taste and texture!

Better than Dairy - Sun 23rd Mar 2014

Perfect taste, love it when it is slightly melted at edge of spoon. Only downside is the price.

Excellent!! - Sun 23rd Feb 2014

So good! The best dairy-free product I have tried. Just the chocolate hit I needed!!

- Mon 27th Jan 2014

The nicest vegan chocolate ice cream we have ever tasted. We like their chocolates and this of the same high quality.

- Sat 5th Oct 2013

Try eating with Lucy's choc chip cookies! either crumble some on top of the ice cream or put a small scoop between two cookies, delicious.

Absolutely delicious - Fri 16th Aug 2013

This is the most delicious vegan ice cream that I have tasted! It is rich and deeply chocolatey and you only need a little bit to satisfy your craving. It tastes better that any dairy ice cream.

- Wed 31st Jul 2013

It's fantastic that they've made ice cream from nuts and this is extremely appealing. They seemed to have used more agave than nuts though, but agave is one of the healthier sweeteners so not too bad. I highly recommend this ice cream over dairy varieties as they tend to use heaps of normal sugar which isn't great.

AMAZING!! - Tue 30th Jul 2013

How they make this so lovely with just four ingredients I have no idea, but they do and it's one of the best ice creams I have ever had, dairy or otherwise.

Amazing - Thu 25th Jul 2013

I've just converted to a dairy, wheat, gluten and corn free diet for health reasons and discovered I don't get on with soya, and I am allergic to coconut - my options are very limited, and often not tasty. This is delicious. Personally I think it's almost identical to a good quality chocolate ice cream. I love it! It's about the only treat I can have.

- Thu 4th Jul 2013

Delicious, very rich and chocolatey, you only need a small amount to satisfy a chocolate craving so the tub lasts well. It's great to find something so tasty that is made with good ingredients!

Delicious and simple - Mon 14th Jan 2013

Very nice realistically chocolate tasting vegan ice cream - I love cashew nut base ice creams and this is no exception, it's rich, creamy, full and sweet. Great for adding sprinkled nuts, syrup and more chocolate pieces or coconut on top. It's also easy to make yourself since this is very expensive.

sooo good - Tue 17th Apr 2012

This is a fab althernative to dairy and very yummy. Love the chocolate flavour and none of the gunky ingredients.

- Sun 1st Jan 2012

Delicious vegan dessert and my favourite in the Booja-Booja range.

- Fri 11th Nov 2011

This chocolate ice cream is just amazing. Unfortunately it's a bit pricey, but it's worth the money. Can't believe that there's no dairy, sugar or soy in it!

- Tue 18th Jan 2011

All the Booja-booja ice creams are delicious, and this one's no different. Popular with everyone, especially the little ones

Booja Booja-better than dairy icecream - Wed 12th Jan 2011

Oh dear, I think I'm addicted to this stuff! I've tried, and always been disappointed with, other non-dairy icecream substitutes before, so I didn't have high hopes for this. However, the Booja Booja 'icecreams' are completely different. They taste even better than the quality dairy icecreams in my opinion. Chocolate isn't usually my favourite flavour, but I love this. It's neither too bitter nor too sickly, just rich and moreish. Highly recommended for vegans and those looking for a healthier alternative to dairy icecream.

Simply amazing! - Sun 30th May 2010

This ice-cream is made with only 4 ingredients!! I was shocked with how healthy and low in fat n calories it was compared with normal dairy ice-creams. It is even lighter that the ones made with yoghurt which I used to eat before I turned vegan.
It tastes yummy and the pot went down very very fast!
Now I'm back for more and it is totally guilt free!...thank you Booja-booja :)

Okay- good since its mostly raw vegan - Sun 7th Mar 2010

I love Booja Booja, though I'm not a big fan of this chocolate ice cream. I feel like I'm eating slightly cashew-flavored cold Hershey's powder. Sorry Booja Booja! (The good news is as far as chocolate ice creams go, you can't get any healthier... I just think you can probably make better raw vegan chocolate ice cream at home. Try Booja's vanilla ice cream instead--its divine.)

yummy! - Fri 18th Apr 2008

Amazing! Reminded me of the chocolate dessert I used to have as a child in the 70s! A perfect alternative and probably nicer I would say!

Booja Icecreams - Wed 20th Feb 2008

These are all AWESOME such a great find .. the best dairy free ice-cream ever !!

Booja-Booja Chocolate - Thu 27th Dec 2007

I was pleasantly surprised by this rich, sublimely chocolatey dessert. It satisified my sweet tooth without being cloying, yet also lacked the bitter or powdery undertones of many poorer quality dairy-free chocolate products. It tastes convincingly creamy and its texture almost exactly replicates that of dairy ice cream. A delicious, healthy treat, that I would recommend even to those who can enjoy 'real' ice cream - its taste and mouthfeel rival or are far superior to most dairy-based brands.

- Wed 1st Aug 2007

sooooo yummy....the best...i really enjoyed this intense chocolate of the Booja Booja. Really great. I'll have some more of that!


- Wed 5th Sep 2007

Quite simply fabulously delicious. Unlike so called "chocolate" ice cream, it actually looks, smells and tastes of rich dark chocolate. Utter bliss...and very good to know that no gentle little cow has had to endure any pain or indignity in its production. Thank you from the bottom of my tub.

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