Amy's Kitchen Rice Mac & Cheese Non Dairy 227g

Amy's Kitchen Rice Mac & Cheese Non Dairy 227g

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Dairy free rice macaroni and cheeze.

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Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 955kJ/288kcal, Fat 9.7g of which saturates 2.2g, Carbohydrate 32g of which sugars 0g, Fibre 1.3g, Protein 3.5g, Salt 0.8g

Other Information

No Trans Fat/No Added MSG/No Preservative.
Tree Nut Free

Manufacturer's Address:

Amy's Kitchen UK Ltd
PO Box 1521
MK43 7QZ

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

Customer reviews - Amy's Kitchen Rice Mac & Cheese Non Dairy 227g


I LOVE THIS! - Fri 14th Apr 2017

An absolutely delicious macaroni cheese that is ideal for those who don't eat real cheese. I found it slightly sweet at first, but once getting used to it I now love this product. I eat this on toast, and sometimes add some chopped tomatoes to it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

yummy - Tue 21st Mar 2017

Yummy,i was concerned with the neon cheese,but i got over that once i tasted it,tasty and it will be a regular in my basket. Its a good go to when you just want something to it but can't be bothered to cook.Just pop it in to the mircowave.

A firm favourite - Mon 6th Feb 2017

I add a few of these to my basket every time I make an order and they've gone down well with the family. They are great to have as a nice treat meal at the weekend (especially in winter when you feel in need of some comfort food). I usually 'upgrade' them with peas & sunflower seeds

Dairy free macaroni cheese - Sat 10th Sep 2016

What an amazing invention: a macaroni cheese which is free from dairy, wheat and soya. I bought for my allergic daughter. Unfortunately I don't think she was that keen, but I don't think there was anything wrong with it - I tried it and it seemed nice to me. The cheese taste was quite strong which may be what she didn't like. The portion size was not enormous - bit too big for a young child but I would say a bit on the small side for an adult - maybe add other things to it like veg or tuna etc?

Different but still enjoyable - Wed 20th Jul 2016

This meal tastes quite different from the dairy version but I still enjoyed it. I think the trick is to not try to compare the two but treat them as different meals.

A Treat for the Dairy Free! - Sat 2nd Jul 2016

After becoming a vegan after being veggie for many years, the one thing I really missed was a cheesy pasta bake and the classic mac & cheese - so when I found the Amy's Kitchen Non Dairy version I was over the moon! It is very tasty and creamy and satisfying. I can eat the whole one myself - I don't really think it's big enough to share!

Fantastic! - Fri 27th May 2016

This product uses the best dairy free cheese I've tasted. Pasta is lovely too. Absolutely delicious! Add a couple of slices of toast and it's a perfect meal.

- Thu 10th Mar 2016

I really miss a good Mac and cheese so was elated to find this. It wasn't that great to be honest but it was okay to satisfy my craving.
It has a little bit of a weird aftertaste so I think I'd make my own next time!

- Mon 18th Jan 2016

very tasty, good value

Mac & Cheese D/F G/F - Fri 15th Jan 2016

The best G/F and D/F Mac & Cheese I've tasted, however it wasn't my favourite, had quite a strong taste and I felt it was a bit starchy tasting, overall not bad.

- Mon 9th Nov 2015

Incredible! This one is amazing. Real vegan mac and cheese. Good portion.

Delicious - Mon 19th Oct 2015

Really love this mac 'n cheese but the portion size is tiny for the price. Otherwise it would be 5 stars.
It's delicious and contains 'daiya cheese', a vegan cheese not otherwise available in the UK.
Highly recommend this but would suggest buying when on offer and having as a light lunch or side dish!

Enjoyed - Thu 8th Oct 2015

Really enjoyed, lovely taste

Amazing! - Thu 1st Oct 2015

I have been dairy free for about 10 years now. This is one of those foods that feels like a real treat. No matter how I try, I cannot get a cheese sauce to behave when I cook. Amy's Kitchen do it brilliantly. It may not tick boxes for you if you eat regular cheese but for those of us that can't it is the perfect substitute. I'm so excited to have macaroni cheese again!

- Wed 30th Sep 2015

When I first tasted this I kept telling myself that it was not cheese so I persevered. I cook some garlic mushrooms, spring onions, dash of white wine and tomatoes and pour it on top and it is fab. Yummy!

- Tue 29th Sep 2015

Should be 10 stars, this was delicious and full of flavour, a great quick, convenient meal.

Very Cheesy - Mon 14th Sep 2015

I love Mac and Cheese, but since I had to make dietary changes have been unable to find a "cheese" that actually tastes like cheese. This definitely fits the bill, although it is a very strong cheese taste and smell, this mac and cheese is still delicious.

- Wed 2nd Sep 2015

This is amazing. I honestly can't tell the difference between the mac & cheese I had as a kid. Repeat purchase for me. The portion size is small but when on a restrictive diet, things like this make it alot easier!!

Delicious - Sat 8th Aug 2015

This tasted much better than I thought it would - proper cheesy !! I had with sliced tomatoes and it made a wonderful meal- will def buy again!!

Amazing vegan mac - Sat 4th Jul 2015

An incredible vegan version of macaroni cheese but I can't help but resent how expensive it is

- Mon 18th May 2015

Vvery nice I had this mac & cheese with salad, it was very tasty will purchase again.

Yay! - Wed 29th Apr 2015

Finally found a dairy free version, I love it, its handy to have in for emergencies or just to indulge. For me it was the perfect size and the flavour although strong not unpleasant.

Yummy! - Sat 25th Apr 2015

Finally I have found a mac n cheese I can eat and it's yummy. Perfect portion for me, would definitely be buying again.

finally! - Thu 19th Mar 2015

At long last, my craving for macaroni cheese is satisfied! Since going vegan I have struggled to find a decent one but this ticks all the boxes. The pasta is tender and the cheeze sauce is creamy and comforting. Absolutely delicious and very, very tasty. Ideal for a quick lunch or as a side dish at dinner with your choice of veg and/or "meat". My only complaint is that it is quite small.

Much better than expected - Thu 17th Jul 2014

I got one pack to try and split it between my daughter and I - I was not at all sure of the taste at first, but it grew on me. My daughter (who is a big Mac & Cheese fan) loved it. I would give it 3 stars, she would give it 5 stars, so have averaged it out as 4 stars! Might try it with a topping of tomatoes, pepper and vegan cheese next time - mmm.

Tasty - Wed 2nd Jul 2014

I love this mac n cheese - it's ideal when you want comfort food and tastes fab!

love it - Tue 18th Mar 2014

I love this macaroni cheese! If I didn't know it was vegan, I doubt I would guess it. Because its made with Daiya cheese, which is otherwise completely unavailable in the uk, but way better than any other vegan cheese available. Incredibly tasty easy vegan junk food. I only wish the portions were much bigger.

creamy - Mon 24th Feb 2014

nice and creamy

- Mon 17th Feb 2014

This is amazing for a 'can't be bothered to cook and need carbs NOW!' kind of night. Fairly high in calories if you're counting but the taste is amazing!

Perfect - Sat 14th Dec 2013

Just what I was looking for - and it looks just as good as it does in the picture! The taste is wonderfully creamy, soft and smooth and is really just a delight. Very nice!

covenient - Mon 22nd Jul 2013

Quick and easy and great for when I've run out of melty cheezly!

Reaaally nice - Sun 30th Jun 2013

One thing about vegan mac and cheese is that they don't tend to be really soft, creamy and smooth enough like commercial versions but this has changed that - it is a really close alternative/substitute and tastes so good! I love that texture - just wish it was a bigger portion!

- Mon 13th May 2013

This is a bit too 'cheesy' for me but it really goes well with (two) vegan sausages to tone it down!

Pleasantly surprised - Mon 18th Feb 2013

To be honest I wasn't expecting to like this- macaroni cheese without any cheese!? However I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it, and my mum who regularly eats dairy said that if she didn't know she wouldn't have guessed that it was vegan! The pasta is a lovely texture too.

Pretty good - Sun 27th Jan 2013

It's not overly flavourful, which is just about right for mac&cheese. It doesn't taste fake, and the texture is pretty good too - not gritty or greasy as some other vegan mac&cheese meals I've tried. The portion isn't all that large, enough for a lunch or light dinner. Overall, I'll be buying this once in a while when I really need an easy comfort meal, but it probably wouldn't be something I'd eat every week.

vegan Mac&cheese - Mon 3rd Dec 2012

Amy's dairy-free Mac & Cheese is real vegan comfort food. I can't seem to make home made vegan macaroni cheese quite this good, so if I want that taste from the past, I can just bung it in the microwave for a few minutes and it's ready. If you like/liked dairy versions of microwave macaroni cheese, or other shop macaroni cheese, then I think you would probably like this. It is pretty 'cheesy'. I do wish it was a bit bigger though.

- Wed 20th Jun 2012

This product is lovely, you cannot tell it is gluten free and it smells and tastes cheesy too, my dairy intolerant daughter loves it, however the portion is small and I found I had to bulk it out with lots of vegetables to make it suitable size for an 8 year olds dinner! The size makes it poor value and if it had been a bit bigger I would of given it 5 stars


- Tue 23rd Jun 2015

This is a surprisingly nice mac and cheese alternative, and the closest to the real thing I have had, the portions are small but I like to add mushrooms, onions, peppers and sweetcorn to mine then pop it in a lovely baked potato with a side salad and it ends up making a very nice filling main meal I often find amy's kitchen microwave meals a little salty but this one was excellent I think kids with dairy intolerances would really enjoy this

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