Swedish Glace Vanilla 750ml

Swedish Glace Vanilla 750ml

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Non-dairy soft-scoop frozen dessert

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More about Swedish Glace Vanilla

Winner of Best Vegan Dairy Product Award at Vegfest 2011

Silver winner in the Cook Vegetarian award for the best dairy substitute 2011!


Water extract from premium graded soyabeans, sucrose, glucose, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils, emulsifiers: mono- and di-glycerides from vegetable oils, stabilisers: carob bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, salt, vanilla flavouring.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 850kJ/200kcal, Protein 2.5g, Carbohydrate 25g (of which sugars 24g), Fat 10g (of which saturates 5.0g, monounsaturates 3.0g and polyunsaturates 2.0g)

Manufacturers Web Site

Unilever UK, Unilever House, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7GR.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Swedish Glace Vanilla 750ml


Ice cream - Mon 16th May 2016

Yummy and better than dairy ice cream!

Great - Thu 5th May 2016

Lovely flavour with no adverse reaction to me. I feel so happy that at long last I can eat ice cream since my childhood.

- Tue 22nd Dec 2015

The kids favourite, very light, fluffy and sweet, not my favourite, but we bought it for the younger members of the house, not for the old ones.

As good as proper ice cream. - Tue 24th Nov 2015

This is lovely. It's hard to tell it's 'free from' and is just as good as the proper stuff. Its smooth, creamy and very sweet.

Very Creamy - Mon 14th Sep 2015

I was shocked to discover just how tasty this ice cream is. It has a very strong taste with a tiny hint of banana in my opinion, but it is rich and creamy and very very tasty.

vegan ice cream - Mon 18th May 2015

Love love love it creamy and may be too sweet for some

Vanilla Swedish Glace - Fri 15th May 2015

This is the best! Honestly, if you have never tried this you must - even nicer than normal ice cream!

- Tue 22nd Jul 2014

Hard to believe it's not dairy but has been an ace find for me as so many dairy-free alternative can taste quite awful. This is my second best flavour.

- Thu 29th May 2014

As good if not better than some of the leading dairy ice creams on the market.

- Mon 28th Apr 2014

Good. Nice with a hot dairy free chocolate cake. Yum.

Very sweet and tasty - Wed 23rd Apr 2014

One of the best alternative vanilla ice creams I've tasted, sweet and creamy and tastes great with wafers and syrup.

YUM-AMZING! - Wed 2nd Apr 2014

I was quite surprised actually. I have lactose intolerance and was a little skeptical at first because I thought it would taste very...soya like (I hate soya) and perhaps gritty like sorbet ice creams. But when I tasted it, I fell in love immediately. The soya taste isn't prominent, it doesn't taste gritty. In fact, its SO creamy and so delicious. IMO it tastes 10x better than regular vanilla ice cream. Win/Win for me!

- Sat 19th Oct 2013

This is the favourite ice-cream of our family, not just because it is creamy and delicious but also the price, compared to some of the other brands is very good value.

- Sat 19th Oct 2013

I personal love of mine is eating ice cream in a shallow pool of plain cold milk (non-dairy), and this is a great alternative to try.

- Fri 18th Oct 2013

Try making an ice cream float, add a scoop of Vegan vanilla ice cream to a glass then top up with chilled cola, yummy.

Delicious - Fri 5th Jul 2013

Great creamy vanilla taste, I love this ice cream. Another great product from Swedish Glace.

Moorish - Sun 30th Jun 2013

I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla ice cream (something about really cold vanilla doesn't appeal to me) however this is the 'perfect' version for me in comparison to the various vanilla ice creams I've had. This is creamy, thick and full bodied rather than the usual watery/ice flaked commercial vanilla versions. It tastes great with dessicated coconut.

- Tue 11th Dec 2012

I love this so much I don't ever bother with normal ice cream any more! So creamy an tasty! Everyone in the family loves it :)

- Sat 10th Nov 2012

This is really lovely, I can't tell the difference between it and normal ice cream, dairy free and delicious.

One of the best - Wed 7th Nov 2012

This is the best vegan 'ready-to-buy' ice creams on the UK market that I've tried. Most of them haven't been tasty at all and the only delicious, mouth watering and moorish ones have come from the US but this one is sweet, tasty, creamy, freezes well without a coat of ice forming and isn't watery. Vanilla was never my favourite flavour but Swedish Glace have made it super tasty. I used to have vanilla ice cream as a base flavour but the Swedish Glace one is fine all by itself.

- Thu 14th Jun 2012

best non dairy ice cream I have found

Swedish glacÚ alternative ice cream - Mon 7th Nov 2011

Absolutely the best dairy free ice cream alternative, we have tried quite a few. My daughter has many food allergies, I bought this for her and I have no special dietary needs myself and love this product it's even better than the real thing!!! I won't be going back to any other real ice cream, also the chocolate and raspberry flavours are 1st class taste sensations..

change of recipe? - Sat 22nd Oct 2011

I used to adore this icecream, creamy, fantastic flavour, dairy lovers couldn't believe it tasted like high quality ice cream! But it seems far too soft now, almost like a mousse, and the flavour I find a little more sickly, a little less vanillary. Don't get me wrong, it's still lovely, but I have stopped buying it for now. Reformulate please Swedish Glace, your stuff rocks!

Swedish Glace Vanilla - Sun 13th Feb 2011

This is almost as good as real ice cream. I've also tried the Worthington, Freedom range. The two are completey different. The worthington is watery and tasteless, this is perfect !

- Sat 9th Oct 2010

My children love this ice-cream as a dairy free alternative. My husband even prefers this to dairy ice-cream.

- Fri 9th Oct 2009

Wow. Nicer than any dairy ice cream. Creamy, and a lovely flavour.

- Wed 15th Jul 2009

This is yummy too. Just like the raspberry. It has the taste of a normal, luxury ice-cream, but without the dairy!! I prefer this flavour to the raspberry, it's just as thick and creamy.

- Wed 29th Aug 2007

It's delicious! I hate soy products but couldn't tell at all. My only complaint is that the container is so small!


Ice-cream float - Sat 19th Oct 2013

Never thought we would find a vegan ice-cream which would make a good ice-cream float, well this one does. We recommend using sparkling spring water with some nice cordial, top with vanilla swedish Glace, it's a great summer treat for the kids and nostalgic for the adults.

Swedish Glace - Fri 21st Mar 2008

I love Swedish Glace ice cream! I think though that I am allergic to one of the ingredients but as I love it so much I will just have it as a treat as and suffer in silence.

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