Biona Organic Whole Spelt Fusilli  500g

Biona Organic Whole Spelt Fusilli 500g

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Biona organic whole spelt fusili pasta

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More about Biona Organic Whole Spelt Fusilli

Spelt is an ancient grain type rediscovered and appreciated now for its nutritional values. Enjoy Biona's spelt wholegrain pasta 'al dente' with Biona Toscana pasta sauce or their delicious vegan pesto.

Cooking Instructions

Place pasta in a large pan of bioling water (1ltr for 100g pasta)
Add salt to taste and simmer for 7-10 minutes.
Stir from time to time.
Strain and serve.


100% organic wholegrain spelt flour

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 1530kJ/361kcal, Fat 1.4g of which saturates 0.3g, Carbohydrates 73.3g of which sugars 3.4g, Fibre 3.3g, Protein 12.1g, Salt <0.01g


Contains gluten.
May contain traces of egg.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Biona Organic Whole Spelt Fusilli 500g


- Tue 9th Jan 2018

Good taste, stronger taste than wheat pasta, baked quickly

Biona Organic Whole Spelt Fusili - Tue 31st May 2016

Love this pasta, really quick to cook, lovely flavour and all the family enjoy it.

- Tue 31st May 2016

In my opinion the Spelt Fusili are as nice if not better than usual wheat pasta. People who don't like the common whole wheat pasta will be surprised.

I love this pasta! - Fri 11th Sep 2015

I really do love this pasta! It cooks quickly but holds its shape well and for those of us who find it difficult to digest normal wheat this is great!

Biona Whole Spelt Fusilli - Fri 7th Aug 2015

Decided to try this as previous reviews looked promising - and it is delicious.
It has a lovely flavour, not so strong that it competes with the sauce (in my case basil pesto), but more substantial than white pasta.
The texture is surprisingly smooth for wholegrain and it cooks quickly - it will be nice and soft in 7 minutes (sorry I'm a philistine I don't like my pasta to be hard and chewy in the middle even if 'al dente' is the authentic way). If you do like it firmer, I'd say aim for the lower end of the timing range given on the packet, 4 or 5 mins.
Just wish I'd bought more, oh well there's always the next order.

- Sun 24th May 2015

I eat lots of this. Wholesome and tasty, very good quality.

Yummyness - Wed 20th May 2015

The spelt fusilli is very tasty. I has a nuttiness about it and a great alternative to wholewheat pasta that can taste like bran flakes. The fusilli is slightly smaller which I enjoy.

- Mon 18th May 2015

Great product. Easy to substitute in if you're used to wholewheat pasta. Cooks much more quickly too. When cooking start testing it after 5 mins as it softens very quickly and you can end up with mush after 7/8 minutes!!!

- Sat 11th Apr 2015

Fantastic pasta! This is my favourite

Really does cook quickly - Mon 18th Aug 2014

This cooked in under 10min for me and was fully done, no hardness, if I had left it any longer it may have untwisted! Tasted just as moorish as regular pasta!

- Fri 27th Sep 2013

Love the taste of spelt and fact this is whole and healthy
takes a little longer to cook than white version

- Tue 11th Sep 2012

Very happy with these, the shape is lovely and hold well during cooking, and the texture is very satisfying, dense and chewy. I love the taste, that is as superb just with pepper and butter, or with a rich and complex sauce. Will buy them again, favourite so far

biona pasta - Sat 23rd Jun 2012

This biona spelt pasta in penne and fusili is the best pasta I have tried.
No one seems to stock this so thank goodness for goodness direct no need to search around just place your regular order on line and wait for fast delivery.

- Mon 5th Dec 2011

This spelt fusili is really light and whole grain without being chewy, works well in sauces and salads. very quick cooking time (around 8 minutes) and doesn't break apart like some other brands

- Wed 13th Jul 2011

Taste is good, lovely and wholesome, although doesn't keep it's shape as well as the regular wheat ones.

Nice nutty pasta - Sat 29th Jan 2011

This is great stuff, it wasn't available for a while so it's great that it's back again. Unusual darker brown colour, great nutty taste. Cooks quickly because the fusili aren't as thick as normal ones.

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