Biona Organic Hemp Seed 250g

Biona Organic Hemp Seed 250g

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Organic hemp seeds, ideal for roasting.

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More about Biona Organic Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds are an excellant source of vital polyunsaturated fatty acids, so important for the human organism. A rich source of dietary fibre and protein.

The cultivation of hemp has a long history and hemp has a wide variety of uses. Hemp is ideally suited to organic agriculture. It requires no pesticides and is very fruitful.

Biona hemp seeds have no intoxicating effect.
Not to be used for growing

Serving Suggestion

Hemp seed can be used whole or ground as an addition in bread, rolls or muesli and develops an especially nutty flavour when roasted.


Organic hemp seeds

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 1877kJ/455kcal, Fat 31.8g of which saturated 3.5g, Carbohydrate 2.8g, Fibre 30.6g, Protein 24g, Salt <0.01g

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34a Clifton Road,



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Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Biona Organic Hemp Seed 250g


- Mon 20th Feb 2017

I eat these just for medicinal reasons as they have a great amount of healthy omega 3 vegetables fats, and while it's not the same as fish oil fat which is a slightly different kind of omega 3, they're still very healthy. I use just about 2 teaspoons a day on my cereal or yogurt.

Hemp Seeds - Thu 16th Apr 2015

A lovely nutty seed. I add them crushed to my wholemeal bread for a lovely nutty flavour.

Great addition - Thu 16th Apr 2015

I personally use these for adding to my homemade milks - they pick up the taste and richness if blended with soya beans.

Nutritious - Thu 9th Apr 2015

So many recipes say to sprinkle hemp seeds over the top so we've given it a go. They have a very crunchy consistency and take some chewing but in a pleasant way. No particular taste themselves but know they have lots of nutrients so well worth having.

Highly recommend - Mon 12th May 2014

Very high quality, tasty and well packaged hemp seeds.

Very versatile - Thu 3rd Apr 2014

I can do practically anything with these, I particularly love baking bread with them and using them for smoothies though - they are rich and hardy.

- Wed 16th Oct 2013

I dislike shelled hemp seeds, but these are lovely. They make a great snack on their own or you can add them to muesli, etc. Good value for money too- you get a decent bag full.

- Tue 20th Aug 2013

Good addition to porridge as they are. Sometimes the outer shell can be a bit too crunchy for porridge, but I imagine they would be a superb addition to bread.

- Mon 5th Aug 2013

These are great processed in a grinder and added to energy bars, cereals and salads. Eaten whole the shells can be a bit difficult. Easy hemp milk- just blend with pure water, then strain. No pre-soaking required. Cheaper and fresher than from a carton!

Biona Organic Hemp Seed - Wed 15th May 2013

Great value for money, and so versatile. I'm hard pushed to think of something that you can't add these to (raw, roasted, toasted or sprouted) to add a delicious dose of protein and goodness... Highly recommended.

- Wed 20th Feb 2013

These hemp seeds are very versatile, I have generally ground them then made milk and nutritional bars with them and added the powder to many other items e.g pancakes, stews vegan fudge etc etc

- Mon 1st Oct 2012

I've spent ages trying to find affordable hemp seeds in Scotland. These were just what I needed to add to my breakfast!

- Fri 10th Aug 2012

Love the taste - great in Muesli! I will try sprouting as other reviewers have suggested!

Good value - Thu 9th Feb 2012

Excellent quality and value. Very prompt delivery. We put these with fruit and yogurt for healthy pudding. Also mixed with other seeds in bread. Delicious.

- Thu 2nd Jun 2011

great product, really good for use in trail mixes and in baking!

I love this - Wed 25th May 2011

Excellent quailty high protein hemp seed. Good value for money and excellent in everything from raw chocolates to cakes!

- Mon 13th Dec 2010

These do exactly as it says on the tin. You can sprout them or use them in the same way as you use other seeds.

- Wed 1st Dec 2010

Good for sprouting.


Great source of protein! - Sun 5th May 2013

I sprout these, add them to cereals, add them to yoghurt, put them in cakes and use them in a nut and seed coating for tofu. Treat them like flaxseeds! Great high protein seeds. You can also dry roast them or make granola bars with them, however they loose some of their goodness when you heat them.

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