Biona Unfiltered Organic Cider Vinegar 750ml

Biona Unfiltered Organic Cider Vinegar 750ml

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Organic Biona cider vinegar is made from fresh, cold pressed organic apple juice. Oak matured, unpasteurised and unfiltered, this vinegar is ideal for salad dressings and sauces. This product is made "with the mother" which means that it still has the enzymes in it they create healing abilities. Vegetarian friendly.

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More about Biona Unfiltered Organic Cider Vinegar

Biona is the organic brand produced by Windmill Organics. All the products are organic, GMO free, suitable for vegetarians (many are vegan ) and are free from artificial additives. To achieve this they ensure 100% traceability, from farm inspections, raw material supplies, right through to the finished product. And the result? Consistently high quality foods, ethically produced with respect for the environment, for us all to enjoy.


Apple cider vinegar is an amazingly versatile cooking ingredient. It adds a tangy taste to many drinks and deepens the flavours of numerous foods. Its important to note that vinegar is a major ingredient in most condiments. For the best use of the mother in the cider vinegar shake well before each use and the enzymes that have been floating at the bottom will disperse, making the liquid go cloudy.


100% organic apple juice.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100ml
Energy 69kJ/16kcal, Fat <0.1g of which Saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrate 0.2g of which Sugars 0.2g, Fibre <0.1g, Protein <0.1g, Salt <0.1g.

Other Information

Apple cider vinegar is a completely natural product, resulting from the fermentation of apple juice to hard apple cider followed by a second fermentation to apple cider vinegar. This natural product retains all the nutritional goodness of the apples from which it was made plus it is fortified with the extra acids and enzymes produced during the two fermentation steps. It's the sum of all these ingredients that give apple cider vinegar its amazing health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar benefits include many external uses as well. It can be used to sooth sunburns and insect bites, to make your hair shine, and to treat dandruff just to mention a few.

Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Biona Unfiltered Organic Cider Vinegar 750ml


Green Bean Chutney/Pickle - Fri 18th Oct 2013

This is one of the nicest pickles I have made and a great way to use up a glut of green beans.

2 lbs of green beans, washed and cut into inch long pieces.

1.5 lbs of onions roughly chopped.

1.5 pints of vinegar, you can use another type of vinegar, perhaps one that is pasteurised from Goodness Direct, as it has to cook.

1.5 to 2 lbs of demerara sugar, adjust amount depending on taste, if you like your pickle sweet use 2 lb.

2 tbsp of mustard powder.

2 tbsp of turmeric powder.

2 tbsp of cornflour.

Jars and lids, sterilized in the oven for about half an hour, don't overheat the oven as they may crack. They should be hot to the touch.

Cook the beans in salted water until tender and drain.

Pour half the vinegar it a large pot and add the chopped onions, cook until the onions are tender.

Add the beans and the remaining vinegar to the pot and bring to the boil, cook for a further 15 minutes, do not put a lid on the pot.

Mix the dry ingredient together, adding a little extra vinegar to make a paste.

Add the paste along with the sugar to the pot and mix well.

Boil for a further 10 minutes, at this point you can add salt to suit your taste, I like to add it gradually until it tastes sweet/vinegary/salty.

You can also add extra corn flour, mixed with a little amount of water first, if it seems too thin.

Please add extra mustard powder if you like the taste and want it to be tangy. I have also made this pickle adding powdered cumin and coriander, finely chopped garlic and even some chilli powder. Each batch can then have a slightly different />I find it easier to transfer some of the mixture into a pyrex jug and pour into the jars, seal with the lid and allow to cool.
This pickle is best left for up to 6 months before eating, if you can wait that long, but we have used immediately and it was still great. Using a sticky label with the "date made" is a good idea.
I have also added part cooked cauliflower to the bean mix prior to the boiling. Experiment with vegetables, it's a great way of using up garden produce.

pickled Beetroot. - Fri 18th Oct 2013

This vinegar can also be used for pickles. It's such a good quality vinegar that we use it for everything, mouthwash, salads and of course pickling.

For Pickled Beetroot.

1 cup of cider vinegar.

4 medium sized beetroot.

2 to 5 tablespoons of sugar, Xylitol can also be used. Some people like it sweet, some like it vinegary, use amount that suits your taste.

Jars, cleaned and heated in the oven - don't make the oven too hot, the lids can also be sterilized this way. Give them half an hour until they are hot to the touch.

Wash the beetroot, do not remove the roots or the top, only remove the green leafy part, leaving the beetroot intact, otherwise they will bleed too much and vital minerals/colour will be lost.

They take from 30 to 45 minutes to cook, depending on the freshness and size, try not to puncture them while cooking. The smell will tell you if they are ready, at this point you can test them with a sharp knife, the knife should slip into them.

Pour away the water and leave to cool for a few minutes, when cool enough to handle, remove the skin, it should come away easily by scraping with a knife.

Slice or cube the beetroot and place into the jars.

Heat the cider vinegar but do not boil, just enough heat to melt the sugar.

Pour over the beetroot, enough to cover them and put on the lids, sealing them tightly.

Best not to use too soon after jarring as the beetroot has to absorb the vinegar, I prefer to leave for a few weeks before eating.

When the jar is empty of beetroot, use the vinegar/sugar solution to make salad dressing or just drink as a tonic. Home made beetroot is much nicer than any of the shop bought varieties.


- Sun 25th Jun 2017

My favourite cider vinegar. Always used it in homemade salad dressings, and the unfiltered version is the best sort to go for. Even using this regularly this bottle lasts a long time.

Best Value - Fri 29th Jul 2016

Consistently the best value organic cider vinegar with mother. The quality is as good as any other which is more expensive. Cider vinegar is claimed to have many health enhancing properties; I suspect I am negating these by particularly enjoying this vinegar on my oven chips.

- Sun 22nd May 2016

Raw, unfiltered with the mother - can't go wrong with the price! Use it for drinking, cooking & even in my bath!

- Wed 9th Mar 2016

Glass, and tinted glass, are my preferred choices for stored vinegars as seems a less volatile storage method than plastics for an acidic liquid. My only complaint with this product is the cap is poorly designed, requiring snapping back of the head inorder to unseal it but that usually leaves the cap in a less airtight state. The vinegar itself is perfect though and seems better than more expensive ones on the market.

The best! - Wed 27th Jan 2016

This is by far the very best ACV I have ever tried. It is sharp and tangy but also slightly sweet has been much better for improving my digestion than aspall's organic. I really do think the "mother" enzymes make a huge difference. For liver support and to improve digestion simply mix a tablespoon of this vinegar with a tsp of honey and about 2 tbs warm water, drink on waking and a further twice a day about 30mins before meals. Really helps with heartburn and reflux. It's also a really good hair rinse - one tsp in 250mls warm water as a final rinse for super shiny hair and healthy scalp.

Organic Cider Vinegar - Mon 21st Dec 2015

Excellent product with many uses. Comes with the mother essence, for extra benefits. In a glass bottle too.

cider vinegar - Wed 16th Dec 2015

A great all rounder product. I use for making salad dressings, for cleaning and my mum swears by it for easing her arthritis. I also put a small amount in my dogs drinking water every other day

- Fri 20th Nov 2015

This is my go-to choice for apple cider vinegar, it's great quality and cheaper than the average! I use it for everything: a little dash in water, a facial toner, every couple weeks I use it diluted as a hair rinse. It's perfect!

- Tue 26th May 2015

I didn't realise how big the bottle is, it's fantastic! I use this every day in some way or another!

healthy vinegar - Fri 15th May 2015

Just look online for the long list of health benefits of natural apple cider vinegar. I put a teaspoon or so in our drinking water. Helps with digestion if you have some before or with a meal. For anyone who suffers with indegestion or acid reflux have this before each meal and it really helps. Cured me anyway.

- Fri 8th May 2015

fantastic product

- Thu 16th Apr 2015


One of the best - Thu 22nd Jan 2015

I'm picky when it comes to unrefined apple cider vinegar - I find many too mild but this one is strong and I take before going out and sometimes when I get back to help my immune system in the freezing weather!

- Sat 25th Oct 2014

Love this! A very mellow taste and infinite number of uses: culinary and medicinal. Works well to dress a salad simply. Will re-order

cider vinegar - Thu 17th Oct 2013

This is the real thing with mother

Good for Gout!

- Wed 2nd Oct 2013

The only cider vinegar we ever use, it's simply the best one available.

Nice! - Thu 11th Jul 2013

Its quite nice!

Cider vinegar - Mon 13th May 2013

I can't really compare it to any other vinegar because I don't use the stuff, but it tastes okay to me. It's vinegar - what else is there to say? Plus it's very reasonably priced, compared to some others. Wasn't sure if there was a difference in it's health properties because of it being made from apple juice, not apples. Still not sure.

Review of Biona Unfiltered Organic Cider Vinegar - Tue 9th Apr 2013

This is a really tasty vinegar, and it's excellent for all sorts of natural first aid, too!

- Thu 31st Jan 2013

Very good value for money and adds taste and health benefits to many recipes.

Hiccups? - Sun 13th Jan 2013

5ml cider vinegar glass of warm water = instant hiccup cure

- Thu 22nd Nov 2012

This product will really help anyone suffering from digestive symptoms. A tablespoon in water with a meal helps digestion by increasing stomach acid and providing beneficial enzymes needed to properly digest food. It is also benefical for alkalizing the body and small amounts can be used on eczema patches to provide relief from itching. If using it on sensitive areas or you have very sensitive skin it is best to dilute it first.

- Thu 15th Nov 2012

This is a delicious cider vinegar would thoroughly recommend - good value for money

Excellent, absolutely excellent - Wed 7th Nov 2012

Quite simply an awesome apple cider vinegar with the mother. My family and I take this regularly diluted in a glass of water - it's absolutely excellent for the digestion and when taken with a healthy diet and lifestyle I can attest that it's helped me lose and maintain weight levels. I also use it as a natural hair shampoo when I want my hair extra shiny and soft (quite a feat for someone with naturally coarse/curly hair).

- Mon 17th Sep 2012

This cider vinegar is quintessentially different to any other brands I have tried - such a delicate fresh taste - I will most certainly order it again

Fine quality - Fri 17th Aug 2012

Fine quality.

Quality product - Fri 17th Aug 2012

Quality product; well packaged for delivery.

Appropriately packaged - Fri 17th Aug 2012

Appropriately packaged product; Would be great if sold in bulk quantity.

good product - Fri 17th Aug 2012

Good product at appropriate price with prompt service

- Fri 16th Dec 2011

This is a very aromatic vinegar and more easily tolerated than the wine derived one.

The best - Wed 31st Aug 2011

The best apple cider vinegar out there for raw natural enzymes and delicious taste! After scoffing all the spelt cookies I am going to need this to keep my weight down!

- Sun 26th Jun 2011

Excellent product! Very tart, but for someone who doesn't like vinegar at all I can have this diluted in water daily with no problems! Great stuff!! The 'mother' is VERY important so don't forget Biona for the best value and quality :)

My favourite vinegar - Wed 11th May 2011

This is the nicest vinegar imo and isn't sold everywhere. It is totally natural and unpasturised with the 'mother' still in it giving it that slightly cloudy look. It's not only good for you but delicious, fruity and not too strong.

- Tue 12th Apr 2011

Biona cold pressed unfiltered organic apple cider is the right one to buy as it is cold pressed and so all the original nutrients remain, therefore it will be beneficial! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Goodness direct for their quick delivery, excellent packing and wonderful service!

I would definitely use Goodness direct again and highly recommend them.

- Fri 26th Nov 2010

This is probably the best quality raw apple cider vinegar I have found! It's great on salads, but also as a healthy drink mixed with water and manuka honey!

Cider Vinegar with Mother - Mon 10th May 2010

This is the best value product of this type we have found and we enjoy the twice daily ritual of taking our dose! I am also delighted that, as I am based near Daventy, I can collect from Goodnessdirect rather than pay the p & p charge. Excellent service.

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